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Johnny Cash

"We Da M.G.M."

So icy mami can't keep her hands off
All this rubbin' on a n*gga she gon' start somethin'
Ain't ready for she gettin' into
c*min' all on me baby while I'm in you
So nasty and sexy she so fine
Givin' her the business like a Lloyd Banks punch line
She had multiple orgasms I came one time
Fell off track bring it back ma you on top
Go to work now ma I put mine in
Felt so good that the wall you was climbin'
Ain't waistin' no time n*gga I just dive in
I play the passenger while you drivin'
Don't breathe so hard I ain't done yet
Just cuz you came don't mean I'm finna c*m yet
So freaky in the room and I'm so hood
Mami keep comin' back for more cuz it's so good

Chorus [Johnny Ca$h]
We could get down, roll the trees, pour the Goose b*tch
This the honey hash oil, huh, use this
Lace up the blunt, take a drag, kick back
We Da M.G.M. they the Fendi I'm Ca$h
This is how we operate our program
We da n*ggas on top you gotta go down
This is how we operate our program
We da n*ggas on top you gotta go down

[Johnny Ca$h]
Rated R, I'm a star, you's a bop down
In the back of the drop with the top down
Would you rather spend another night with a different cat
f*ck on the forefront lead her with me kickin' back
I take a stack, break it down have you watch there
Lay on my back have you squat call shots yes
Then we ball and I'm a monster mami
Ca$h hit you like Billy Bob f*cked on Halle Berry
In the motion picture I'm married to the game
So yes a lil' brain's necessary
You ain't never dealin' with a n*gga on some trealer sh*t
I let the homes smack ya ass while I feel ya tits
Lets switch it up baby I'm a switch hitter
Cuz you see it in my ride don't mean I'm stick wit her, nope
Lets smoke like my 7-deuce Chevy pipe
And one stroke have a b*tch wit me every night


Yea I'm workin' on my game call it savage twist
Put yo chick in my hands I'll have that b*tch
Got her floatin' like a boat while I'm holdin' on a loaf
Got Bay b*tches grittin' all in the east coast
Geezy, that be the n*gga that they creep wit
Money Game Mob, Fendi Boy knock sh*t
Go down for me, while I'm breakin' cakes up
Blow now honey, now fix ya make up
Alex got me hit I don't need to see Jacob (uh uh)
Just got the watch now I'm waitin' on the bracelet
All on a ho, yup that's what they yell out
It's really no use if you can't put it in ya mouth
Sittin' low wit it, tuck wit it, A's fitted
I'm really 'bout pimpin' go and slide me the digits
East O reppa, watch me do my thug thang
1-2 steppa, it's really not a game, b*tch

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