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Johnny Cash


[Verse 1: T Milli]
They say your body's a temple
Well I'm about to blow a hole straight through my mental
Fed up with life's tempo
Slow down all this momentum
I tried to keep it simple
Reach for the trigger kiss the metal
I'm self hating pessimist
My life i made a mess of it
Do i get to live to see the rest of it
Tried to make the best it
My friendships are ending
Hell is where I spend it
Do you get the message that I'm sending
I speak the truth but they all get offended
Running out of time space rented
My life's a run on sentence
Wishing i could end it
See what this pen did
Fame is just pendin'
If i said it then i meant it
Will i make it got me stressin'
I'm sick of this depression
Feeling hella manic
I just don't understand it
Not from this planet
Ready for a crash landing?
Let it all fall down x4

[Hook: Johnny Cash]
I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focused on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hole
The old, familiar sting
Tried to kill it all away
But I remember everything

[Verse 2: T Milli]
Yo, weight on my shoulders
As heavy as a boulder
Wondering if i could hold it
I'm only growing older
And my hearts getting colder
Hell must've froze over
Since I'm young I've been soldier
At war with these feelings
Staring at 4 walls and a ceiling
False prophets never kneeling
In a dream myself I'm killing
What is this is illness
Does anyone else feel this
My past keeps nagging
Inside me lives a dragon
I'm just wondering how'd it happen
Express myself by rapping
Butt of their jokes laughing
He's weak so they attack him
Confidence tired I'm tired of f*cking building
So my cup i just keep feeling
It's half empty
Wondering why heaven sent me
And all this time that life has lent me
Friendships do you regret me
You wish you never met me
Break your heart if you'd let me
Best decision you made was when you left me
I just hope you don't forget me
If I was to end it all
Would you remember the time that we spent at all
Built me up just so you could watch it all fall
Watch it all fall


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