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Johnny Cash

"Narration v3"

[Verse 1]
I remember teaching my brother Tommy shoot fire crackers
Both of us getting our fingers busted you remember that Tom
Daddy started Christmas morning with a stick of dynamite
And he made sure everybody else was up

When daddy gets up he wants to make sure everybody else in the world is up too

He did when we were kids remember when he could get dynamite bang Joy To The World

[Don:] What was is like up in the Stanton Virginia about that time of the year Harold

Oh we had I guess about like everybody’s Christmas it's always that Christmassy feeling
I remember one year I had an uncle that came in filled with the spirit
And he was loving all us kids and everything and we are trying to get away from him
And he fell in the Christmas tree and knocked it over
We stood him up in the corner and decorated him
I don't remember what I got that year but I remember what he got
My mama run him out of the house finally

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