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Johnny Cash

"Narration v4"

How did how did pop Carter which is June's father
Mama how did he celebrate Christmas when you all were first married

When we first married
Mama he didn't have a great big old copper kettle somewhere hid up in the mountain

June can tell you that story John
But I will tell you that he used to go buy a bushel of apples
And a bushel of oranges and fruit like that for the girls
And he'd divided in three three ways and they could do what they wanted to
If they want to give it away okay they couldn't have none of the rest of the others see
Theirs had to last them through Christmas and you know
They couldn't go to one of the other girls and say
Hey give me some of your fruit mine's all gone

I want to tell you that story about how you asked about the celebrating
Back years ago they didn't have too much to celebrate with
Up in that country unless you made your own
And my father somewhere had him the dandiest copper kettle with little pipes
Going out all over it somewhere up in the hills

My uncle knew him

And my grandmother Carter was quite a woman
And she never said one word to my daddy
But she was always going into Clinch Mountain hunting wood
And dragging it down on her back
And she came out of there one day dragging that great big old forked stick
With a copper kettle right on the end of it
And she was my father's name was Ezra Carter and she'd say Ezra
She said oh Ezra said look here Ezra
I found the dandiest copper kettle for making apple butter
And he never said a word

And we always had good apple butter

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