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Johnny Cash

"My Cowboy's Last Ride"

[Verse 1]
The cowboy's lady is crying tonight because the cowboy is out on the range
Running and rambling and chasing some stray and good cowboys don't ever change
I tried to hold him in the home corral, but the grasses were greener outside
So I'm going to sit here in front of this door
And I've loaded up my cowboy's forty-four
When the smoke clears there'll be a new brand on his eyes

This is my cowboy's last ride
Oh I hate to see him go but I won't be staying home crying
I hate to watch him die but this is my cowboy's last ride

[Verse 2]
Cowboy remembers the old trails we rode and he's back in the saddle tonight
This time I'm letting the home fires burn out and I'm leaving when I blow out his light
Because I still remember good watering holes and the places that are open and wide
And I have decided he won't put me down a filly should be free for horsing around
And I will no longer be hobbled and tied


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