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Johnny Cash

"It Comes And Goes"

[Verse 1]
I've been up and down and out and I have been around
And I felt good more times than I felt bad
Loving you felt better than I've never known before
Losing you is the worst thing that I've had

But it comes and goes
It's like a blue wind blows
Yes it goes and comes
But now I'm living some

[Verse 2]
And today my high didn't get any lower
And my low didn't fall anymore
But sometimes when I drop my guard
Everybody knows
Because I can't control my feeling
And there isn't much sign of healing
Because when the pain is there it always shows
But it comes and goes
In my mind I'm holding you and loving you again
I hear you laugh and feel you cling to me
Although it's over I'm still holding on a little bit
And there's a lot of pain in the memories


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