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Johnny Cash

"One Way Rider"

[Verse 1]
Ow, you're off and running
Run just like you're scared
Run just like a grey dog
Run just like a deer
Something in the bushes
Staring out at you
Staring at your feelings
Feeling like you do

One way rider
One way down the road
Baby, I'm right beside you
Everywhere you go

[Verse 2]
Lovers save your secrets, trust not into fools
Don't go look for trouble, it will come to you
Like some long lost passage, fly in broken lines
Here in the fleeting moment, really gone this time


[Verse 3]
Once upon a victim circ*mstance is due
Tend to take a hold on everything you do
First we follow leaders
Next we follow fools, now we follow
Footsteps sneaking up on you


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