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Johnny Cash

"That's One You Owe Me"

[Verse 1]
There was a showdown at high noon reputations on the line
It was the good guys and the bad guys I was eight and he was nine
And I forgot to keep my back to the wall in Dodge that day
And from somewhere behind me I heard him say

That's one you owe me, I let you slide
I can't back shoot a buddy, it goes against my pride
So like two desperadoes we'll ride off in the sun
But just remember you owe me one

[Verse 2]
It was high school and football on two different teams
I was good but he was better than I would ever be
And when I finally crossed the goal line ahead of him that day
As the crowd was going wild I heard him say


[Verse 3]
She was long and lean and pretty and soon to be his bride
When she strayed into my arms one day with loving on her mind
Well I was almost tempted by her soft touch and her sigh
But the next time I saw him I could look him in the eye

[Chorus] [x 2]

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