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Johnny Cash


[Verse 1]
When life seems full
Of clouds and rain
And I'm full
Of nothing but pain
Who soothes my thumping, bumping brain?
When Wintertime comes
With its snow and sleet
And me with hunger
And cold feet
Who says "Here's two bits, go and eat"?

Well, I have never done nothing to nobody
I have never got nothing from nobody, no time
And until I get something from somebody, sometime
I don't intend to do nothing for nobody, no time

[Verse 2]
When Summertime comes
All warm and clear
And my friends see me
Drawing near
Who says "come on in and have a beer"?
Well one time when things was
Looking bright
I started to whittling on a stick one night
Who said "Hey! That's dynamite!"?


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