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Johnny Cash

"My Two Timin' Woman"

I woke up this morning in a terrible mood
Now you talk about a woman treating a good man rude
She had me talking to myself, gazing at that mean ol' wall
She had another daddy waiting down at the end of the hall

She changes with the weather like the leaves I recall
She blossoms in the spring but then she's gone in the fall
A two timing woman with a heart of solid stone
She tells me that she loves me but her heart's a little undergrown
Well, she said she'd never leave me but she'd got the urge to roam
She drifts around the country like a steamboat on a foam
She never changes course, she just goes along that same old way
And I hope she keeps a drifting rolls along back home someday
Because if I ever find her going to chain her to the floor
And tell her Now sit there woman you ain't leaving no more
I'm going to tame you mama untill you're eating from my hand
It's not that I don't love you honey it's just to make you understand


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