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Johnny Cash

"God's Hands"

[Verse 1][Johnny Cash]
Yesterday when I came home, I was just about ready to scream
My work’s been driving me crazy and the bills are burying me
The weight of the world was on me, I was sinking like a stone
But I have come to realize I can’t do it on my own

[Chorus][Johnny and Carter Family]
I’m going to put it into God’s hands, start living on God’s plans
Going to do the best I can, that’s all I can do
I’m going to put away my doubts, somehow it’ll all work out
And I can rest easy now that I've put it into God’s hands

[Verse 2][Johnny Cash]
My mamma always told me you can’t live by bread alone
You've got to have faith in the good Lord’s grace and keep on keeping on
Accept the things that you can’t change and change the things you can
And if you ever catch yourself worrying just put it into God’s hands

[Chorus][x3] [Johnny and Carter Family]

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