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Johnny Cash

"Mercy Seat"

[Johnny Cash]
It all began when they took me from my home
And put me on death roll;
A crime for which i am totally innocent to know

Truths behind your beauty
Lies behind your life
You can talk about talking
I'll just walk and stay alive

The b*tch behind a cutie
So loose under her tights
We're all worth something
But she's downgrading her price

Good can turn evil
And it can turn minds
She regrets her actions
But the past you can't deny
So think before you act
So think before you lie
Cause the days are passing fast
And you're just wasting you time
You can kill yourself
And still be alive
So- so?
So stop wasting time

You are out of luck
Cuz your sh*t ain't my stuff
Cuz a kiss isn't a f*ck
Just as life isn't rough

You can - you can - you can make it
You can make it what your think of it
But if thoughts f*cking suck
You'll get the stink of it
And when it gets sticky
Motherf*cker you get stuck

[johnny cash]
And th mercy seat is waiting
And i think my head is burning
And the way im ????????
To be done with all this weighing of the truth
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And in any way i told the truh
And i'm not afraid to die
To die (x#)

Im all about the present
But the present always dies
So i work for the future
Cuz i'm employed by time

f*ck i hate my boss
Cuz i got to work until i die
And i'm not payed enough
But i get my raise as i survive

I rather have a babe
Good soul and good mind
Makes her choices right
That knows what's good
And her ways proves im the guy
For her
Cause sh*t will happen
And the worst will occur
We must remain together
Cause that's always better
Than being alone
Cause damn that sh*t hurts

Kisses can be deadly
Romeo did die
Cuz when you play with poison
Some has to pay the price

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