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Johnny Cash


[Verse 1]
Oh, come in as you tread life's journey
Take Jesus as your daily guide
Though you may feel pure and safely
Without Him walking by your side
But when you come to make the crossing
At the ending of His pilgrim's way
If you ever will meet our Savior
You'll surely meet Him on that day

Now look at that cold Jordan
Look at these deep waters
Look at that wide river
Oh, hear the mighty billows roar
You'd better take Jesus with you
He's a true companion
For I'm sure without Him
That you never will make it over

[Verse 2]
That awful Day of Judgment
Is coming in the by and by
We'll see our Lord descending
In Glory from on high
So let us keep in touch with Jesus
And in His grace the Love of God
That we may be ever called ready
When He calls us over Jordan's Tide


Oh what, what you going to do
Oh what, what you going to say
Oh how, how you going to feel
When you come to the end of the way

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