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Nick Lowe

"I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down"

Preintro as first line twice

Ebm g#m
You think you've got it all set up
You think you've got a perfect plan
Ebm g#m
But charm any man you see
Ebm g#m
And play with everything one that you can
But I've got news for you baby
Bbm g#m
I hope it don't hit you too hard
C# b
One of these days when you're at play
B c#
I'm gonna catch you off guard

G#m ebm g#m ebm
I'm gonna tear your playhouse down, pretty soon
I'm gonna tear your playhouse down, room by room

You think love is just fun and games, trying to be a playgirl
All you do is run around, run around, putting hearts all in a whirl
You been playing my heart to every daddy around
What you gonna say when you look up one day and see your playhouse tumblin down

Repeat chorus then solo over second half of verse
Then repeat chorus with variations
About 6 times then fade to drums. /pre

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