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Wun Two

"Tides (Congratulations)"

Sitting in my basement, spitting but I hate this
Wishing I was famous and p*ssed that I am brainless
All my thoughts are heinous, driving me insane it's
Almost like I'm faceless, running but in place it's
Exhaustive often contemplating how my coffin
With softest cotton will be placed around my carcass
Hardest part is when I'm picturing my mama's
Broken heart, but it's difficult when talking
About what's up inside my mind and how I wanna cry and die
A bout of ugly tidings ride and they so quickly claim "it's mine"
I'm just formulating lies, calculate evading eyes
"How you doing?" "Hey goodbye" tomorrow give another try
'fore I say my brain is fried and kill the pain and staple eyes
Shut, it's done, and one, or two
Vi-codin, are flung, unto
Vi-le tongue, and come, to do
What I thought I had fought off and now I pray at the alter
Lord in heaven my father will you guide me as I falter
Alter my path, before I crash
Restore my mast, so I fly fast, along
The waves so strong it plays me often crazed
The song is sang I'm washed away though gone today
Not long for stray and may somebody come to
Say today's the day no grey you made it

[Sample: Neon Genesis Evangelion]
Congratulations, congratulations...
Thank you all

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