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"Mac Music"

[El Camino]
Yo, wooo

Yo, I'm hangin' out the back with the loaded Mac (brrr)
I know once I make this decision ain't no goin' back
I'm out to Cali blowin' racks
Ask Shawn Digg is poppin bottles and blowin' thrax

I move my mix to a cul-de-sac
Then whip the soda pack, dope boy slogan rap
I promoted that

[El Camino]
Yo, you know it's facts
Trap houses and golden straps
Turning one brick into two, bake-and-soda raps

Ugh, gangsters rollin', place emotion scrap
The hate can't hold us back
We watch faces frozen like the polar cats
I learnt to pop the trunk and loaded that
I flew Jet blew the cop, but I drove in a Focus back

n*ggas can't f*ck with the butcher n*gga
And that's on everything n*gga
Griselda n*gga, and that's on everything n*gga
I used to go hand to hand, huh
Now I'ma business man

[El Camino]
Yo, yo
While all these b*tches sniffin coke
Cut your throat for disrespectin the mob, that's undismissable
Another day another brick of blow
Came from the bottom I'm livin proof it ain't what you got it's what you know

More skills, than a fishin' pole, gettin low
Switchin' coasts, a crib with 20 cameras and six remotes
Ridin around with big clips yeah we play that way
Uh, the plan is to get rich and stay that way

[El Camino]
Yo, yo
Bad b*tches, menage's and four car garage's
Stash the fifth in my b*tch's Birkin she took the charges
... is on seen too many coffins
Just cause we bosses
Don't mean we can't get hit so we just being cautious

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