"Mac Music"

[El Camino]
Yo, wooo

Yo, I'm hangin' out the back with the loaded Mac (brrr)
I know once I make this decision ain't no goin' back
I'm out to Cali blowin' racks
Ask Shawn Digg is poppin bottles and blowin' thrax

I move my mix to a cul-de-sac
Then whip the soda pack, dope boy slogan rap
I promoted that

[El Camino]
Yo, you know it's facts
Trap houses and golden straps
Turning one brick into two, bake-and-soda raps

Ugh, gangsters rollin', place emotion scrap
The hate can't hold us back
We watch faces frozen like the polar cats
I learnt to pop the trunk and loaded that
I flew Jet blew the cop, but I drove in a Focus back
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