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"I-95 Freestyle (Where I’m From)"

The Plugs I Met in stores right now
Big Griselda, Big BSF
You know how I’m rocking, my n*gga
Let’s go
Let’s go

No hashtagging, I’m past rapping
Gats clapping, a crack package put me in a different tax bracket
This 40 kicking like the Last Dragon
They’re talking smoke, we got gas maskes and macs with the strap fastened
You the best, sh*t, when that happened?
They took bricks, we was back at it, OG, yeah I’m that status
I go to jail and I’m max status
We cash addicts, the jewels make the plug want to send a batch at us
Uh huh, you know I stack chips on chips
Got a n*gga shopping in Saks Fifth on 5th
I put out sh*t that impact strips
I showed n*ggas how to take those Miami trips and give back bricks
Yeah, the money fast when the dope fire, I won’t lie
I really put a brick in a wheel, now that’s a snow tire
For dough handlers and coke buyers
But I used to couldn’t change the channel if I ain’t had no pliers
Uh, my old trap spot had 50 stashes
The house I grew up in had empty cabinets
I let off with this .50 magnum, make you bleed 50 gallons
Put more people to sleep than City Mattress
Huh, ask n*ggas about the Butch
Especially these lil’ rap n*ggas I’m ‘bout to cook, huh
You got a little fag in you just by the looks
And the clip ‘bout-, you f*ck all that, ay look
Last year was light, but this one, I’m taking flight
No matter how bad she is, I never spent the night
That’s what happens when you’re ghetto and get rich ‘cause you ain’t settled
They double back and try to box you in like Canelo
Bob and weave like I’m Floyd, my last job was selling boy
All them aves I destroyed, that’s the past I avoid
But admit it, you ain’t half as raw, I turn a brick into applesauce
n*gga, I had more plugs than an Apple store
When it’s cash involved, I got to laugh at y’all
You’re broke and my cake came early like a Capricorn
I’m in the trap with a Catholic broad
I make her count the stacks and recount it back like she add it wrong
My name come up in best rapper talks
I’m flattered, I’m just a trapper with classics in my catalog
We know you lacking, but we’re packing ours
You stay strapped when the jeweler got you cooler than a pack of Halls
Set up by a n*gga that I thought had it
Showed up with the money and got surrounded by narc badges
Got locked and really met a plug in the feds
We did our time, came home, linked and got bread
These sucks tell me rap about some other sh*t instead
I can’t, all them white bricks embedded in my head
So shout out all my plugs, but I can’t say no names
Just because I’m rapping don’t mean I ain’t in the game
Yeah, the money come quick, sh*t, it feel like it’s the same
But the risk a lot higher when you f*cking with cocaine
I ain’t glorifying hustling, I’m saying I got a lane
And the same sh*t that pulled me in inspired me to change
So shout out all my plugs, uh, this for all the plugs I met
Ones I got rid of and ones I kept
Uh, ones I kept, for the packs I send and ones I catch
You held me down on that 1-yard stretch
On that 1-yard stretch, for the ones I-
Nah mean

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