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"No Hook"

So much ice you can skate on a n***a
[?] they wanna be on, n***a
Damn, I'm fly, I get flee on a n***a
Your man a shrimp box, he a peon, n***a
Take off on 'em like pew, n***a
Neck lookin' like I got a chain full of Skittles
Rider b*t*h, shorty f**k me to the rhythm
[?] and you know we gon' [?]
On TMZ I'm last seen with your sister
[?] get that cap off your system
Had to stack my money, mind my own business
[?] blue and it came with three wishes
Get on that f**k sh*t, got young n***a issues
Front page magazine, we press all our issues
They ain't seen what I seen and know what I done been through
Stretching my b*t*h [?] he gon' get bent too
Partner can get pop a bean, senzu
Flexin' so much my first scooter got rims too
My cup runneth over, I'm feeling so plentiful
Lil' Skate up, I'm throwed, ooh (Ah)
n***a pop a shroom, toad
Y'all lowercase, I'm bold (Yeah)
Damn man, I'm in it like go (Yeah, yeah)
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