Benny The Butcher

"Tristate Gates feat. Benny The Butcher - NY Native"

[Tristate Gates]
While I'm watching every n***a watching me closely
Still a New York native and I got no sleep stash box under both seats
In front of cats, telling n***a how I roast beef
Close quarters with the toast heat

Seen both sides of the gun on both streets
And managed to avoid every drug raid and all them coke sweeps
And gang round ups, how could you doubt us ?
We from crownvicts now we hold the crown up

I put the town up, premature with this four-pounder
You stay from round us, so sleep with flounders
Realest sh*t I ever spit, it's strong sativa in my medicine
The fresh prince, and leave no evidencе

The skybox like my residеnce, the seats are soft as my leather is
The Louie on my leather, man
n***as talk with a stick and get a drum answer
Who wants smoke with the kid ? Cuz this is lung cancer

Penthouse on my b*t*h and let my son answer
n***a you tryin' get rich ? It's only one answer
Burned out, pops let me count 50k
Odd twentys, age fifteen, I swear I was turned out
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