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"Me Myself & I"

[Verse 1: Aaron Unknown]
Time to take it back to the basics
Blank canvas
Wipe the chalk off the board
Go and clap the erasers
Be your authentic self and do the things that you haven't practised in ages
Boy, it's time to embrace the changes
But I know that you wanna take it back to the days when
They didn't even know what your name is
But nowadays nothing comes before music, he actually craves this
And if you know him, and I mean actually know him
Then you know that it's nothing but facts in his statements
Caught writing bars in the stock room one too many times
Sacked on the day shift
And he was on the crappiest wages
But it was enough to get by
Ironic how he's bagging up food to suppress the hunger
Pain's back on the pavements
Middle finger to the scene 'cause he doesn't ever really give a crap for his status
Hibernation season so it's back to the basement
For the young boy who needs to deploy his emotions and actually face this
The sound as the ink transfers to the pad was his only distraction in ages
Hopefully he could be the change in a place with a couple backward arrangements
So let me ask you a question
Think hard what the answer could be
Was this story about him?

[Verse 2: Yizzy]
Or was this story about me?
What you know about his struggle?
What you know about his pain?
This is the game of life
But is he tryna win that game?
Does he really wanna live?
I'll swap the I for an O and ask
'Cause you know that we can't sell love
What you know about tryna give your heart?
What you know about tryna benefit from the benefit money?
You don't wanna leave your bed in no hurry
When your mum thinks "Lord, let my son rise"
But those days never turned out sunny
Tryna find light when I wake in the dark
He stepped out of the yard, went back in a hurry
'Cause he left his nank on the side and if them man catch him it won't be funny
Do you know what it's like?
Tryna fight hunger with sleep [?]
It feels like the floor's gone from underneath
Constantly fall but never reach the knees
And all he's got is his word but know that's something he don't wanna eat
Now he's holding his belly with the type of pain that won't pass with a peppermint tea
Do you know what it's tryna hide behind the mask?
To not show your true feelings, same mask that we wear in the dark
So let me ask you a question
Think hard what the answer could be
Was that story about him?

[Verse 3: Aaron Unknown]
Or was that story about me?
Look, I don't know but either way
One thing is for certain - tomorrow's never guaranteed
One sec, let me freeze the frame
Give thanks that I breathe today
No time like now, let me elevate this
I'm so focused on my piece of cake
My school teachers told me I'd never make it
So I smoke weed to relieve the pain
Face isolation, separated, if he ever went class then he'd misbehave
Academically uneducated, but not once did he need the grades
Now he's picking up keys of grade
And breaking all them keys to Zs, then breaking all the Zs to eighths
'Cause he's graduated the streets way

[Verse 4: Yizzy]
My biggest fear is snakes
And I'm not talking about the ones kept in a tank
I'm talking about the ones you call "bro"
That said they'd never leave and they'd have your back
But they weren't there, got stabbed in the back
You weren't even safe in your home fam
So don't tell me "get with the program"
When I could get stabbed on the way to the shop for a coke can
We tried to steal more time
So we jacked [?] from the road yutes
Your whole life been a low move
So when you need help who do you go to?
I heard you go through what you go through and that's how you're supposed to
So stop saying you're being slept on
You ain't entitled, nobody owes you

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