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Ricky Hil

"Dear Peep"

Bro don't start living too fast
I know that you love to abuse that
All that pain you hold you gotta lose that
You don’t want this life but you ain’t chose that

Every time you call me I will try to pick up
Just promise not to doze off when we get up
Even if we pop some sh*t when you woke up
Just try to eat some food bro before you throw up
And when you move to London try to grow up
You was born for stardom you gon' blow up

Just try not to take it too far
Poppin' molly oxycontin and a bar
Lil bro you gon' be a star
Just [?] how I lived before

And i'm sorry for your last time i ain't hit you back
Ain't your friends if they give you that
Saying that won't bring you back

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