Sleeping On The Fountain lyrics

Ricky Hil

Limosa Nostra, Hil

Ion think I've ever felt this gone
Its the feeling that I'm coming back home
And my mom said that I shouldn't go on
Tell her that I ain't f**king with the john, aye
And when we leave you gon leave for long
I told her that I'm gonna love her long
And she know cause i don't wanna do her wrong
Look at all the kush sh*t that I put her on, aye
And I'm from CT
If I'm there that's where you're gonna see me, aye
I'm not breathing but I'm pacing smoking easy

Aye, Ricky, what it is
I said its life revolution
Misfit I don't got no solution
And from the drugs that we using
Did us up and the piff got me roofing
Mama, not the (?)
I know you said it sprayed
But, you never payed
So what do you know?
You don't know sh*t mama
You just tryna gain
But I don't gain
I, just smoke this sh*t by the chain
And they don't know my name
But I tell em, its Ricky Hil mane

And I'll be waiting here all day, yeah
For the pain, i know that it pass my way
I feel the same
And if they ever been down like I know we get down
Then I love to come around
And if they ever been down like I know I get down
Then I'd love to be found
But who cares?
I don't care (give a f**k)
I'm not there
Who cares?
We the ones that was treated unfair

Ricky Hil, up close and personal, yeah you gotta listen close tho, CT
And i be talking to the trees
And i be sleeping on a fountain (?)

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