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"Half Asleep"

[Suzzy Vox Part]
There's enough light here for those whose
One desire is to show you
Only darkness for the first walking below us
So deliver me from evil
Cause the little things relieve us
Even if we might be Half Asleep we need them

[Verse 1]
At night sometimes I wake up
The company I'm keeping
The colors on my walls
I don't recognize at all

She said "I've seen your face somewhere
Now f*ck me while I'm sleeping
Wasn't that the tops
We're getting off to a good start"


[Verse 2]
She said, "Now I don't feel so lost
I think that I'm in love with you
Trust Me, I can tell
I have an instinct for these things..."
"Lets see how it goes
I like your duvet covers
The Fireplace seems nice
Will I see You in the morning?

[Suzzy Vox Part]

But I can't see straightforward
How it begins I never remember
What was the point of being adored
I could convince you with O.N.E
But my excuses are several

[Guitar Solo]

[Bridge with Suzzy Counterpoint]

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