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"Done / / Zilch"

Yvncc a go n serve dem fruity loop right out da hoopty
Swiggity swooty ion give a damn bout rapper cuz all dem booty
Dese rappin azz boy b actin frooty mane yall boy be foolin
Said dey crippin nuh uh man den how da fuq you boolin

Dese white boy talkin slime n slatt but dey ain doin dat
You wear off white you wear vlone you " sippin ac no cap "
Jus Shut da f*ck up how bout dat yoU lil muf*ckas wack
You talkin alladis on a track woadie I ain backin dat

Mufucas gettin buried I said f*ck da jury
You goin broke jus tryna flex yo labratory jewelry
Jus lemme kno when you by dem arches ima serve mcflurry
When Im gon step on over dere bet dat dem boy gon scurry

I be f*ckin done
I be runnin offa none
Ion know why deres something special to me about holdin a gun

Er1 else a come and go but bih I told you im da one
Ion know if da hoe gon stay solid if I go on da run

You could drink my nut for brunch
I ain take da bih to lunch
How you knew dat I was gon hurt you like dat
Damn I had a hunch

Yea my diq a pack a punch
She suck me I said thanks a bunch
You too nice to da bih
She come w me you jus a runt

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