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Hold chops
Werk bops
Muf*ckas onna block
Got dat rock right dere off da drop
You coming for dat yo azz get popped
Get it in make dat pop
Spatula inna pot
You know dat boy gon get droppt
Don come around hur less you gon cop

Stick in dat hoe mouth dat bih go A a a
I run off witcho f*ckin bag n be like hahaha
I got dat sh*t for 32 n buss dat out my sock
Muf*ckas talkin dey gon beat me no you not ot ot

Dese lil boy won't salute
But dey got see wut it do
Im coming inn for da loot
N I ain play wit dese foo

I serve butter wit da cutta
I could ship it to you
We O so gudda ain no udda
I could swoop yo lil boo

Muf*cka dem be talking bout how dey so reckless
Muf*ckas don be solid got dem second guessin
When I ain lookin you be staring when I do u steppin
Boi wut da f*ck wrong wit you I kno you ain rly checkin

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