LUGGAGE lyrics



I start my day with a can
Though another mother f**ker wan gossip
Thats blowin my sh*t im angry
Considering none of them hot sh*t
I'm stacked cruisin sh*t baby
Now where the f**k my deposit
Supersedin f**ks they Hate me
Just blast them out of they Conscience
Playing bingo with hem greens
Pulled up dark grey hella clean
Bunch a ant eaters onna scene
And they cross eyed off Lean
Gon tax up put da crack up
N u Fat f**ks tryn cat on us
Mf put da racks up
Thats bad luck out yo hat bruh
Right now I jumped in my luggage
15 boys talmbout dey wan runnit
Dats a joke to me cuz sh*t easy n I need about 600
I a break da b*t*h back sideways cuz she short as f**k n its funny
Middle man sh*t lil cuzzo a runner
Doe I got wet brain im a lil Stunna
Work on my tan
Work on my hands
Crush all my cans
Flip back da bands
You is a Stan
Biggest in da land
Look at me funny like im da best man
Hold Bucky for ransom
Dat was da plan
sh*t turned sideways it became a blur
Loosen my screw ion know u watch ya tone
Please let it go Threatening sh*t on the phone
Do 7s back ion gotta work dat sh*t
Never had to in fact but I was fooling wit a brick
If u done it I ain explainin it no mo
Rather be alone with my cuh lil bobo
Take a look up at da wall is it crackin at all
You lookin dizzy do you need a malt
Negative nancy thats all yo fault

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