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King of the Dot

"The Saurus vs Charlie Clips"

[Round 1: Charlie Clips, The Saurus + DNA]
You gon' call me "predictable"
Facts....I seen that coming
Y'all see the disrespect in between my rounds?
There's no way I can let this rapper off me
Aye, Ritz, if y'all watchin', holla at me
Like that, I get a cracker salty
You didn't know that was comin'
Like I said, you gon' call me "predictable"
As if you have no idea what that's like
Everybody know my moms raised me, but you still gon' talk 'bout my pops and his past life
You gon' talk about DNA, the Lux battle, Dizaster, me tryin' to break up the Math fight
Well, how 'bout I put all five of those together and give you a l'il taste of what this jab like?
Nah, f*ck a jab, I'd rather clutch a Mag
Toss bullets, then have his dome fetch 'em
Funeral service want nothin' to do with the body
Your family gotta rent they own Reverend
I'll sit you in VIP in Club Heaven, roped off with your own section The chrome stretch him
They ain't seen a chest get rocked like that since N.O.M.E. 7!
I told y'all, when CC in his bag, it's not Chanel fashion
For n*ggas like this who think life's a beach, I'm shell-packin'
I like to shoot big n*ggas all in they gut, let twelve clap 'em
These bald heads been in more roles than Samuel L. Jackson
You think it's that easy to spit a gun bar?
Okay, The Saurus, I give you one try
I bet he not
Fetty Wap, the most he gon' do is get one eye
Damn, that must sting!
If your b*tch in a Honda I'm lettin' one fly
Notice I said "Honda"
According to the scheme, I'm just tryin' to make sure your hon' die!
That was ridiculous, if anybody see what I did I'm killin' the witnesses when I grip the fifth
Wait a minute, I'm battlin' The Saurus on King Of The Dot
Okay, no more gun bars! It's time to get a l'il more intricate
No more gun bars King Of The Dot! At least I'm gonna try
I always wanted to be one of them nerd Grind Time rappers, I'm not gonna lie
What is 3.14 equals? That equals pi
Now multiply that by five and that's how many times I want you to die
f*ck I look like being a nerd rapper? I'd rather let the deuce clap over and over
You might just be a nerd
You're right!
I went to college, graduated high school, got my diploma
Have no trouble shootin'
I'm great with Macs, and overall, I keep my composure
And I walk around with two straps over my shoulder
Did I repeat that right for you?
Would you like me to slow it down?
No. I'm not Conceited, son!
Had death in the family, still gave the battle to Charron
f*ck it, he needed one
It was all love and hip-hop...
Wait a minute, I thought of a bar, and this a meaner one
'Cause I didn't give Corey pops, so now I'mma give Peter guns!
C3 f*ckin' with Young M.A
Y'all don't get it? I'm comin' double-strapped
Usher and his wife havin' an orgy: I get a couple clapped
With this l'il Uzi, it'll get ugly: God, I love mumble rap
We all know you gon' rebuttal Clips
Well, just know I got some clips that'll rebuttal back!

[Round 1: The Saurus]
I talked to Charlie's grandma right before this battle
She told me I'm finished
"Now pull your pants up. You're battling my grandson in five minutes."
I ain't ever seen somebody promote a battle as bad as Clips
Y'all wanna know how bad it is?
He's promoted that his dad's a snitch but you won't promote this battle Clips
What the f*ck kinda trash is this?
Yo I'm the OG of that freestyle sh*t, you just ain't as smart or humble
When I make your b*tch Bob and Earl it ain't the Harlem Shuffle
You should thank your lucky stars you haven't faced a harder struggle
Cause ever since the legend of Pete Rose I created Charlie Hustle
What up Mass?
It's been six months since my last battle, I hope I was missed
I wanted to cross son at Blackout total eclipse
Waitin' on that plate since the opening pitch
I came to eat just tryin' to wrap my head around it how a boa constricts
I told you that Clips takin' this match was a bad choice
From a battling standpoint, what's the plan to attack Floyd?
The sh*t that my mind craft ain't an app from an Android
You used to be Grindin' Clipse, What Happened To That Boy?
Boy we both come from that old school breed but the bark is different
I adapted every time the bar had risen, Charlie didn't
So what's it called when times are changin' and you aren't evolving wit 'em?
Motherf*cker you should know I'm teachin' Charles Darwinism!
If you didn't get that line you need to think hard Clips
That ones over your head you a ring card b*tch
It's on God, put whatever you're doin' on pause while Clips' life pass before him like a movie montage
Not long ago beatin' Charlie used to mean somethin'
Now I fast forward every "whole 'nother scheme" from him
Beat me? You must be key bumpin', ski jumpin' b*tch
I'll hit you with a brick to the face like you reupping
Now this ain't a punchline for Clips
But one round in he just hopin' to untie this b*tch like Unbias Chris

Don't free Chris! Don't free Chris! f*ck Unbias Chris

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]
By the way it's Chris Unbias, you can't just- alright

Wow, they gave me Mr. 2 Time Everything
Like everything?
You don't think you goin' a little too far with this two thing?
Especially when it's been 2,222 years since you last won those two rings?
You love the number 2, too f*ckin' much
Your favorite rapper is probably 2 Chainz
You'll probably get an apartment on 2nd Street in New York
And won't buy a car so you can take the 2 train
Let me guess, you got the club goin' up on a Tuesday
What the f*ck is battle rap comin' to?
He the type to drink water, feel it comin' through
But won't go to the bathroom cause it's a number one
He only goes if it's a...

Number 2!

[Charlie Clips]
You see why you gettin' tore apart?
Kick the ground that's why you gettin' "toe" apart

[The Saurus]
De feet!

[Charlie Clips]
Cause you talkin' through my rounds like your flow is sharp
If you really Mr. 2 Times Everything, why God ain't call you to build Noah's Ark?
See how I break The Saurus down without a gun?
To show y'all that I don't have to clap
But if I did use the Sig' it would reveal what's under his wig, that's a Snapple fact
I got 17 battles with a million plus views and you don't even have half of that
You have 145 battles, my n*gga that is more battles than battle rap
You have to calm down bro, like for real take your time you have to breathe
145 battles? You're not a battle rapper you're a league
Whatchu gon' say?
"Ho ho ho! DNA has 101 battles."
Go ahead and diss my brother
Yeah he got 101 battles but he did 70 of them to take care of his mother
So you think battle rap is all about the pens you never see when we suffer
Your skin look like it's been rolled with a bowling ball but you never actually been through the gutter
My uncle Victor been to jail over 22 times, I put that on everything
My grandmoms did over two years in fed penitentiary and she ain't never sing
My little cousin 22 with a .22 he dyin' to let it ring
And if you ain't been to jail 22 times now how the f*ck are you Mr. 2 Times Everything?
f*ck a two time, I know one thing
If I catch his fiance I'm lettin' one ring
Destiny Child, we know these other two b*tches can blow I'm only here to let one sing
Walk around town, shinin' with your diamond, go ahead and rock that one bling
Canada I don't care if he dead nice, he'll get his Head ICE'd for that one chain
I should f*ck your baby moms two times
Don't sleep on me or I'ma take your dream
Ironic how the right move can make feel on her chest and then I take your queen
Don't get mad, I'm just an activist with good di*k that'll make her lean
So tell her stretch cause we all know Charlie hoarse will make her scream

{Organik calls time}

[Round 2: The Saurus]
Yo, I was supposed to book five rounds against E. Farrell
But instead what I thought I might do
Is book a three round battle with a guy who might write two
Like, what the f*ck Charlie, how come your hunger ain't the same no more?
Just no soul, lays flat on the ground, what Chuck's Taylor'd for
It isn't this, you remind me of War Machine when he swings a fist
Cause your sentences are way too long to just be hit or miss
Listen Clips, you take 15 setup lines just to get a scheme prepared
But b*tch, I know where it's endin' up, I'll just take my whip and meet you there
X him out, secret square I figured four would need to flare
But you got two options now, tappin' out or sleepin' here
The people here, probably thinkin' this fight was a smart move
Cause Chucky's back but we all know he's dyin' in part 2
Charlie Brown is a fraud your whole life is a cartoon
I'm exposing Clips negative side like a dark room
Aren't you gettin' tired of lettin' folks down?
Havin' everyone here wonder if you prepped three whole rounds
Cause all we hear is "if he tries" or "if he shows up"
But it's gotten to the point where even if you did then SO WHAT?
f*ck Mr. Undependable
Stop freestyling and give us something memorable or sniff a bunch of Fentanyl
Your sh*t's too one dimensional
I got every corner covered, puttin' holes in Clips like I'm pinning up a centerfold
Let him know, no chance, I dead him slow
No bags, a Sweet Little 16 get Chuck Berry'd with both hands
He's wearing his toe tag, f*ck a terrorist program
I'll paint the wall with Clips like Carrie from Homeland
Your whole camp is under fire
You ain't a military veteran
But if you sleep on me the cemetery's really where you restin'
You makin' MTV money now, there isn't any question
But when y'all see Clips make that paper tomorrow it's the obituary section

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]
For you and Dizaster to be so f*ckin' gangsta, y'all both do be tweetin' a lot
"I hate Charlie", I f*ckin' hate Clips"
Damn, I ain't been in his hood while but, it's good to still know I'm the king on this block
Diz' dropped a video the other day like, "He should take every league Serius."
Comin' from Diz' that's meanin' a lot
But why should I listen to a n*gga that never won on Smack and who record is horrible on King Of The Dot
Ya lost to Arsonal, Cortez, Arcane, Serius Jones, Math and that's not even the half
n*gga they suspended you for over a year, you even lost to the staff
They put you in front of Canibus and Drake and you still didn't show up
You've been Arabic for over 30 years and you still didn't blow up
So what did y'all do?
Get a couple shovels, go to Pete graveyard did him up to be his replacement?
Cause I be wildin' out and I'm on Wild 'N Out our lifelines just isn't adjacent
His girl make him sleep in the living room and Diz' live with his parents
These are two bum white people just face it
Well I guess that make 'em Al Bundy cause he always on the couch watchin' his Bud grow up in the basement
That line; was kinda crazy and you know they trippin'
These bars get different every year brother trust me you know they different
You said all I do is punch well all you do is scheme and multi and I hope they listen
Cause for some reason you don't stick with bars long, n*gga ya OJ Simpson
Look at him tight!
Like, "I'm a white guy there's no way that I can be OJ."
And the black people in the crowd gon' look at him in the crowd like..."Okay"
Speakin' of OJ, the other day I went to bought the album 4:44 around 4:44, I was mad though
So I went and bought me four .44's my man called me like, "Man you trippin'
Why you walkin' around with four .44's?" "Cause he 43
And I'm tryin' to kill him before 44, what? That's a reach?
Hold on that's a reach?
Aight I might've reached well you can still get out my face fam'
Cause sometimes to win you gotta reach like Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam
I gotta reach like Sunset Park when you bein' guarded by Space Man
I gotta reach, like Big T seein' the last piece of chicken in the bake pan
I gotta reach like Joe Budden tryin' to grab a Drake fan
I gotta reach like Shotgun Suge seein' the last hot dog at a freight stand
I gotta reach like Other Guy when he tryin' to contact Blank Man
I gotta reach like JC right before he breakdance
Y'all wanna know what got me p*ssed like R. Kelly f*ckin' wit that minor?
Y'all remember Grind Time? Well that's Tiga
This Rob Kardashian and King Of The Dot is Blac Chyna
Cause for you thinkin' they can be faithful seems crazy
You thought you could have a relationship and it seem wavy
Well they f*ckin' with a bunch of black rappers behind your back that gotta f*ck up your Dream baby
And you done caught a lot of bodies on this league I'll give you that
But guess what? They ain't Charlie so instead of them that make you Blac Chyna
Cause you only gon' be known for the fake bodies
Now, raise your hand if you here and you think The Saurus won
Exactly, I'ma f*ck you and you gon' leave the sorest one
{Organik calls time}
You lucky they called time boy. I had a whole 'nother clip

[Round 3: The Saurus]
Yo, he spit a bunch of current event bars and everyone out there thought "it's deep"
Yeah I am lucky that they called time, if it was any longer I'd fall asleep

[Charlie Clips]
Sorry bro they [?]

[The Saurus]
You'll be alright. Shout out to Dizaster for your whole third round. If he was here he'd be p*ssed. I'm here and I didn't care at all. Alright word

Look, if Charlie's only good when he shows up why the f*ck do they still book this dude
It's like makin' restaurant reservations at a place that might not even cook your food
I mean, sure, back in his prime, Clips was one of the best battlers alive
Now he just, doesn't have any drive, it's like Math is his ride
I heard you like to gamble too, put up a couple grand Charlie
I'm a festival flier, I keep a bunch of bands on me
Charles ain't the Chief now that's why he's runnin' back off me
With the reaper on his back like Sons Of Anarchy
You ain't got a f*ckin' chance Charlie, I've been waitin' for this
Armed with a Patriot missile like Brady for six
But it's way too much risk to show up and aim it like this
So I keep it low like my expectations of Clips

[Charlie Clips]
I showed up so it don't matter what ya-

[The Saurus]
You still-you didn't though
You can say that you showed up to spit a flow but your third round was about 45 other battlers so you didn't ho
I had to hit 'em with a mid-round flip
Since he's gonna try to talk while I spit my sh*t
God damn now I lost my entire thought train
I wish that I could bring it up to a higher octane
But f*ck it, I'll knock you out I'm a heavyweight dog
Go ahead and spit your little 28 bars about another NBA squad
It doesn't matter
No one gives a f*ck, I'll put your head in a better place dawg
That means I ripped your face off for the Many Faced God

Time man I'm sorry I lost my sh*t

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