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King of the Dot

"Geechi Gotti vs. Bigg K"

[Round 1: Geechi Gotti]
Ever since you joined the Goonies you been actin' way different
Every f*ckin' Bar
Weight liftin'
Hold on real quick...

[Geechi "answers" his phone]

Hello. Hold on moms right now. Yeah I know
Aye don't do that with the macaroni you had that sh*t way too cheesy
I'ma call you right back after I finish battlin' Glueazy
Hold on
n*gga you'se a b*tch!
You thought I wasn't gonna mention that?
Get the strap, lift his hat
Half a shell on his head like when a chicken hatch
I've been kickin' back
I'ma grab ya mom and put the chrome by her
Ba! Ba! Ba!
I hit all three shots before it Jam, I'm on fire
This a different type of smoke, like where the weed at?
He get a leg shot, that's a knee cap
If we strapped, he still get a slice
Cause the knife hotter, across the cheek, look like the right spot
Them ya mans? You'll all get the same cut like white cops
And I don't like cops
And you look like one
You understand black lives, 'til yours get took like one
Don't make me bust my gun, he gonna get a cake casket
How I kill him depend on how this white b*tch act, he Cate Blanchett
I hate askin', that's why I be takin' sh*t
One punch, break his sh*t, I'm in the kitchen cookin', grandma thought I was makin' grits
When you rap, it don't be makin' sense
I'm in the field with sticks and poles I could've been makin' tents
I'll make a fist and still slap you
Pistol whip, cause it's just mo' gangsta when the steel slap you
I'll f*ck around and murk his ass
Face shot, cuz neck chin (connection) drop, the service bad
I was swervin' past, seen Bigg at the light, had visions of when that 'Burban crashed
I let off shots, skirt then dashed
You better know your part, I put this AR in front of K it ain't Noah's Ark
Fo' sho' a spark
Yeah, n*ggas said you was a dummy
Close range, the Hollow put his blood on top of the meal (mil'), that's Loyalty Over Money
He thought it was funny, that's 'til the .9 dropped him
Run up on me, I wish kid would (wood), I'll pine box him
The .9 clock him
Yeah, a vegetable what ya man's is
His brains died but at least his arms and his legs lived
Yeah, that's real life, his brain died then he died, n*gga got killed twice
I'm talkin' real sh*t
I'm not just rappin' fool, I'ma shoot 'til the gun start tellin' the truth
That means to stop cappin' fool
And when it's real, y'all can tell, y'all can see it in they eyes
It's yo' turn, see if you can make n*ggas believe them lies
n*gga time

[Round 1: Bigg K]
You was duckin' and dodgin' behind a branch
I ain't even see shots by you
Talkin' 'bout you from Nutty Blocc, you was lookin' like Tree Top Piru
In my eyes I see a b*tch
They blind cause he a Crip
You tryin' to hide behind a tree, I make you hide behind a stick
Get kicked, with a long heater, this hammer leak thoughts like a palm reader
The slammer in the jean shorts, ain't John Cena
If I wrote a movie 'bout my life, it'll be a raw feature
If I wrote a book about my life it'll be a Don Diva
Get on Keisha, before I crack ya sh*t, you have to dip
Both hands, nasty wit
Headlock, slit his throat, get to stabbing sh*t
A buck 50 behind his ear, it's a magic trick
It's lit, I said I was winnin' here before the game sour
But y'all won't get it until his grave got flowers
You've been battlin' for the cash, that is not power
You just stackin' a bunch of trash like the Watt's Tower
Get knocked out if ya cousin's here
Them gang ties only got suckers scared
I copped the Sig', I'm poppin' lids like Tupperware
I dare you to do somethin', we can [?] in here
I'll stuff that flag up your nose, this a Double Dare
Slime, let me through, I'll pop if this continue (discontinue); Pepsi Blue
Split his body in four sections, best be cool
Three on the ground, but a quarter on the table, like I'm next in pool
You a fool? Let's put that title to the test
I get the joint you get the point when the knife is in ya neck
Y'all think his block is a movie, I'll be slidin' through the west
If I pull up shootin' it's gettin' quiet on the set
Bet, Glock .30 hittin' family first
Talk dirty to somebody with his hand in the dirt
Razor cuts from scrapin' up, every gram of the work
I'll snatch two and the baby up, it's an Amber Alert
I said you was hurt before battle rap, stuck in the gang life
No b*tches and no money, just bummy in plain sight
You just started gettin' pus*y from bein' under the stage lights
Do you remember your first blow job? What did it taste like?

[Round 2: Geechi Gotti]
A gang of more of them bullsh*t tree bars and y'all love it
Headshot, let's see how far your apple will fall from it
This n*gga'll get shot 'til there's nothin' left but bone gristle
They like, "How he gonna take this sh*t with no tissue?"
Man what's your issue?
Every. f*cking. Bar
But listen though, y'all see this .9 here?
I came up wit' it like an idea
Now my fear, is killin' a n*gga and he don't die
If y'all don't get that, let me fill you in
That just mean for the rest of my life, it's a n*gga out there I'ma have to try to kill again
No Gillian, but I'll land (Island) plenty
Check the punch rate, extendo, take 30, this a lunch break
I don't pump fake, I'm wit' the sh*t
Bigg who? I done shot K's bigger than this
I been wit' the sh*t
One shot will knock the mayonnaise out him
Ba! Ba! Ba!
So many holes (hoes), they'll f*ck around and make a Back Page out him
I ain't tryin' to clown him, but just watch when I blast him
Got the Drake on his noggin' like we watchin' Degrassi
When I smash him and his b*tch, you know I come wit' the strap
She try to run it don't matter, I'm dumpin' the gat
They thought I was f*ckin' the way I pulled out and let it bust on her back
Matter of fact, for a couple of stacks I just got this brand new chop' with the beam on it
The heat swarmin'
My last murder was bare faced, I'm pull up on K tho' (Kato) with the mask like Green Hornet
My team on it, we can do what it do
I don't give a f*ck if you witcha fam', I'm shootin' you
And puttin' metal in (meddling) kids; Scooby Doo
Every. f*cking. Bar
What's true is true
No lies n*gga, we can fight
You will get f*cked up, couldn't be beat worse if Nas picked him
Any of my victims? Somewhere smellin' dirt, they faces on shirt
I told the muhf*ckin' cops, I was sellin' merch
Every. f*cking. Bar
I'm a rapper now, I was a felon first
I'm on stage but it ain't no joke like Leo Gallagher when a n*gga melon burst
I'll hit ya b*tch in her melon first
The way she die, he prolly not gon' love her
He seen her in the street with her top off and ass shakin', oh it's a 'Hot Girl Summer'
Every. f*cking. Bar
Aye look, he in the hospital, hooked to all types of cords and straps
He can't move, them some horrible facts
Ya fam' keep comin' to visit you, but they be gettin' bored wit' that
Cause all they can do is watch you on the tube ('Tube), they can't afford the app
Ya boy is wack
Every. f*cking. Bar
Ya boy is wack, I'll f*ck around and slap that n*gga
Back of the headshot, dawg (dog) on his face like a Snapchat filter
I could've killed him in the first, that's just a drill
My first battle against Saynt was at The Bunker
We in Massachusetts, this battle could've been at Bunker Hill
And when it's real, y'all can tell, y'all can see it in his eyes
Yo' turn, see if you can make n*ggas believe them lies
n*gga time

[Round 2: Bigg K]
These ain't lies, Geechi Gotti I state facts
Think it's sweet then catch a beatin', it's gettin' Rocky; A$AP
You ain't the only one thuggin', y'all can copy and paste that
Where I'm from, gang bangers get shot in they face tat'
Say Jack, what y'all praise now-a-days is f*ckin' astonishin'
Like, "You know he's a gang member. What an accomplishment."
Real killers with real bodies, don't wanna acknowledge it
You tryin' to impress me, cut ya esophagus
This crock of sh*t said he had a gun longer than my blocking list
I didn't take it well
So I got a gun shorter than your time yo' tellin' ass stay in jail
You wasn't cuttin' up vatos, you a beta male
Gettin' money raised by Avo' and they bring Bae the (beta) mail
You frail, a rapper like these geeks have never known
Go to jail for three weeks, "Aye Geech'! Welcome home."
What? What?
I got somethin' big as a megaphone, get stripped of ya flesh and bones
This pistol set the tone 'til it click like a metronome
Chisel, set in stone
My fam' is fed, when I die it's left right on the will (wheel) like hamster legs
I'm in Shark City with a .50 full of hammer heads
That had more bodies on it than a tanning bed
Ya mans is dead
I'm movin' P's around
This the plug, I got more gas than Geechi rounds
See low key it's good he mobbin' (Goodie Mob) with his peoples 'round
I'll fold ya (Folgers) then lick a shot at Coffee mug, don't get Sleepy Brown
I keep the pound
Strapped, been a gangsta since I was 17
I send you back to the City Of Angels wit' a set of wings
Slidin', got a K wit' a clip, I'm 'bout to let it ring
Somethin' giant, that'll Cave in ya sh*t, like the Nepheline
Mean, I'm on the scene, you yellin' from the car, goon sh*t
This moon click, put his head above a star
Or get smacked wit' a bike rack, I split his melon on the tar
They said, "What did you hit him wit'?"
Every f*cking Bar

[Round 3: Geechi Gotti]
You do realize, I'm a gang banger, and I be in front of the camera everywhere I go
So I would've got killed, if a n*gga like me would've told
I ain't gon' lie, I prayed every night, I was glad I got out three weeks
Last time I did damn near more than three weeks in the hole
Now that's facts
But check this out, befo' I started runnin' sh*t
I used to run and sh*t
Prayin' sh*t go sour like Warheads
I'm talkin' f*ck rap, we goin' straight to a bank lick
Headin' to the vault like Cortez
Oh yeah, real rap, I was a straight jacker
For the right price I would've got ya b*tch boxed up
For that Green I was a bae (Bay) Packer
You a straight actor, Denzel
You battled ICE and that Harlem n*gga, gave you a Big L
But them shells, I'm dumpin' 'em out
It's crazy how all these n*ggas sound like Charlie Brown teacher wit' a gun in they mouth
What the f*ck is he 'bout?
I can teach you some sh*t, give you some free game
When there's mo' than 30 in the clip, n*gga you don't need aim
I've been shootin' since a youngster, they was prayin' that we'd change
But ever since adolescent, all my enemies got shot down like bad suggestions
I've mad aggressive, can't no slackin' with killin'
Matter a fact, I be really f*ckin' hatin' this feelin'
Sometimes I be wishin' it was actually different
Cause I got mo' dead homies than homies that's actually livin'
But look, yeah man that's some sh*t you had to live it man
Talkin' seein' bodies laid out like a business plan
And the streets where death come (c*m) quicker than a minute man
I'ma shoot 'til it jam, or click like the call waitin'
The doc said, "What happened to all them shells?"
The Dawg (Dog) ate it
Y'all hatin'
You block n*ggas on Twitter? You a hoe fo' that
Got this big ass gun wit' the pole attached
I ain't even want this battle, I was gonna skip this wack hoe
Instead, I'ma shoot him {claps} and stand over the body 'til I know you're clapped
AK wit' the shoulder strap
I'm on some west sh*t
All my guns, the serial (cereal) scratched off like the grocery check list
Vet sh*t, n*gga stop frontin'
How a n*gga gon' tell me how not to get shot, ain't never shot nothin'?
You just be talkin', you got battle rap guns
You can't tell a n*gga how them Glocks feel
b*tch I done seen n*ggas duck behind trees tryin' not to get shot and they got shot still
Every f*ckin' bar, they got shot still
I'm talkin' they on the ground still movin'? f*ck it, they got shot still
I ain't got chill, I've been livin' every line
I've been faced to face with death, that b*tch look different every time
And I am not lyin', this n*gga ain't never gettin' it like us
I be havin' to go to the cemetery just to be around n*ggas that I trust
Aye my dawg was playin' basketball, 30 plus points he was averagin'
Schools was reachin' out, 'bout havin' him
His brother was on some different sh*t, got 30 years in prison
Goin' from facility to facility just travellin'
Ironic though, one of them was a shootin' guard the other was stabbin' 'em
But y'all can keep havin' him
Because he walk like he black, talk like he black, it's obvious he wanna be a black guys
See that's the part that make me chuckle
Cause even if I beat his ass and gave him two black eyes
He still couldn't see our struggle
And when it's real, y'all can tell, y'all can see it in they eyes
Make n*ggas believe them lies
n*gga time

[Round 3: Bigg K]
I said dawg, who wanna brawl?
Now I'm beatin' on ya cousin', I get the boy in blue buried, sh*t leakin' out his muffin
Where my 80's babies at, y'all hear me beastin' on the youngin'
I get the cookin' and bug out, like a creepy crawler oven
I'm thuggin', who said I wasn't
Smack his head with the Rum bottle
Only attachments in my life is for the gun nozzle
Trust that, this west coast cat don't want squabbles
These right hooks will have you rappin' like Young [?]
I stuff hollows and grease the barrel so the shells greasy


Hold the torch just for sports like a jail TV
Strapped where ever I'm at, y'all better tell Geechi

What did I say? I just said that sh*t

"Like a jail TV"

[Bigg K]
Appreciate it
I bust the torch just for sports like a jail TV
Strapped where ever I'm at, y'all better tell Geechi
It's not too far from the stock holmes (Stockholm) like Helsinki
He fell easy
The gun squeezin', give me one reason
I put in pain wit' the blade, keep stickin' 'til his lungs wheezin'
It ain't a game, if I say he Twitchin' that mean his blood streamin'
It's uneven, you really never was elite
Named yourself after John Gotti, so I can tell he was a geek
Cause I traveled to yo' city and left legends at my feet
But even the best in the west wanna be accepted in the east
Y'all sweet
This ain't a lemon/lime candy, Geechi Gotti the mob boss of the petty crime family
I send a thousand rounds at Compton, I bet his men don't want it
Go loco, my YG will give Slim 400
Run it
That's how I does it, y'all gon' get bro hurt, know that
If we both strapped, I let my sh*t go first
Talkin' slick to a slick talker, how that sh*t gon' work?
Yo' outfit ain't worth a sleeve on his Kenzo shirt
Let's go

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