Saynt LA vs Marv Won

King of the Dot

[Round 1: Saynt LA]
Marv Won, how in the f**k is you finna hurt me?
You soft and you suck plus you came here looking just like Kirby
And I'm really rapping, I went straight to the main page, I couldn't rise any faster
But as time was elapsing I had difficulty finding some traction
Then I finally had my first ground zero, soon as I got the sight of Dizaster
But let youtube tell it, the last round I should've just backed out of
The comments called me mushmouth, that's cool ... they brought me Fat Albert
So the jokes don't keep me from the money cause I am elite
I'm tryna ball so I charged it to the game, like buying VC
And I really don't give a f**k what Marv wanna say cause your response to Pat Stay was "your mom wanna fade"
"So we wappin' or we rappin'
So we wappin' or we rappin'"
Your jokes don't get no reaction cause you're right just them weak ass hats, you don't be snappin'
So try to stop me, I'mma plant a bomb on you like kamikaze
All they saw was a fat man drop, like Nagasaki
The pandemic got my stock going up like the Dow Jones
We just surprised the old man still got it, like house phones
But its squad let him choke, with practice they should give him some help
[?] with Ward and you've never committed yourself
They get confused cause I be tryin' to be cool but I don't play
You turn up, I'mma match your energy like a Soulmate
I'm so light that if we fight I know he is gonna try and grabbing me
He is too big so I'm floating around him, like gravity
And I'm quicker so I know when he swingin' he take his time
He threw a punch, I had my mind on the counter like Frenkenstein
See, in most of my bars I box, I ain't trying to hurt you
Your close friends jump in, it's a greenlight on your circle
And y'all could be a mile away and I might clap you
Green beam like Divine with the stepback, the light travels
I took a peak and had the lens too close like a dummy
So I zoomed out like good mouthwash, the scope whitened for me
And I don't online-beef cause these dudes be fake as hell
He said "Pull up, I ain't never got in a dress," like Dave Chapelle
If you don't leave the raps [?] then it's getting tragic
You ain't the MC you claim, I doubt Marv's asymptomatic
I feel the vibez, he really don't want me to clap iron
So I walk away, do a 180 and flat line him
Head shot, air at his top, eggs box
On god, man, the dude be dead before he even fall
One shot'll take Wonder out the world like I've seen it all
I'm talking bar after bar, you can't 3-0 me
Cause I ain't giving no relief like the GOP

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