Dizaster vs. Saynt LA

King of the Dot

[Round 1: Saynt LA]
You damn near cried cause your gay slurs wouldn't be televised
In Inglewood, a dude said the f-word and then he died
f**k Twitch, on Manchester you better say never mind
I'm from Inglewood, I don't give a f**k about Lebanon
There's weapons flying, we got guns so big you need both hands
And you can load it with the unexploaded missiles found in your homeland
See, me and Reece opened the Grand Prix and we was fighting
I've been punching since the opening scene, like Leonidas
The difference with me is I won't repeat a mistake twice
So you can best belief, tonight Leonidas done got his aim right, Xerxes
Why is it a persian to murk me when I've been purgin'?
My enemies lay in dirt, where the earth be
As the kings watch from above they don't ever wanna try me
Cause they know on that walk down, they'd be stepping over bodies
But you don't think that I could kill you cause I'm fifty seats below you
f**k how high you are, you know that I can see you when I smoke you, that's elevation
You best bring your best or be devastated, yeah
Saynt forsees a godly disaster, that's revelation
I've never hated, conversate to God
Now, I ain't said to make it to my final destination
Dizaster can catch me later
You was tellin' Hays about the Doppler effect
That sh*t was trash, you spit it fast
Then was mad when the trash didn't get reaction
But in this instance that was when your pen and pad reflected the style you really rap with
Cause your simple patterns do have the Doppler effect, we can predict Dizaster
Nobody's punched you so I'm here to tell you your last jaw
You brushed A off but to brake the camel's back, I'll be the last straw
Cause you paint pictures with straight filler and that ain't divinism arts
When I can paint a picture in two lines, that's fine art
It's outdated to paint pictures when writing, they did in Egypt
Today I'm teaching you a new way to write, like the Phoenicians
The old Saynt was a demon and I'm praying my soul's safe
But I'm in a ring with a star, all I see is the gold face
But wait, that's fake news, cause for me to convey you, is Lucifer a straight stupid?
You would think a saint knew that the devil can make music
And that's a fact, if you do got slaps, you don't talk about it
sh*t, we haven't seen disasters on tracks, just the Boston bombing
Big shame, that's a banger you could fill up in your chest
Like Frank Lucas piano, it's an instrument of death
You always rap about some terrorist sh*t, and I don't like it
This dude's committed to Isis, like Osiris
And you rap great but just carried this league until your back brake
Shoutout to you, but in this tourney today is your last day
Then, after this, Twitch gon shut this down at a fast pace
I smoke you then King of the Dot gon have a blackface

[Round 2: Saynt LA]
He just capped and said I finessed Finesse, that's not a fact
They ain't paid me sh*t so y'all must have been talking behind my back
But I'm a turban stretcher, [?] Islamist for murder weapons
To turn against the man whose slurs turn him into an urban legend
Yeah, Saynt don't play because you built your whole name off race
So it seems the Grand Prix was the perfect setting since the '90s, when I had just popped out the damn belly
You been on this race sh*t for three generations, like the Andrettis
And I ain't done [?] shinin' it up and it's his firing stuff
Watching my neighbours catch bodies like Shia LaBeouf
And now it's time for the clutch, I ain't fearing thing
Why? Cause tonight it's just us here in this ring
They f**k with me cause when I speak my message is no different
But I tailor my word just for you, I'm code-switching
It's like we speak the same language but you writin' generic sh*t
With me the rhymes are connected like I'm writing in Arabic
The 90 got him thinking why would he try me
He ain't know I could draw down, like I'm writing in Chinese
You lost to Oxxxy but if that was me, I'd smoke some
Like Call of Duty, I kill crowds, I ain't losing to no Russian
Cause I don't rap about intestines and guts, I like bars
And we know you got that sick sh*t covered, like SARS
Plus, you think Coronavirus' a lie and I ain't mad at you
But if you get Coronavirus and die, then I'mma laugh at you
sh*t, I'm at risk, but this' a battle for a massive title
And you might just be contagious the way Frak went viral
But he is Middle-Eastern, where the mask came with bullets
But not the Sarin so everytime he sees a mask he gotta get hot and bothered
But you can ask your smartphone, the science is common knowledge
Even Syria tell you, the mask is not the problem
Against the dudes, he tend to reveal there's a bigot in him
You crack a black joke, nobody react, he get in his feelings
Look at the camera, in his mind he say: "these dudes tripping"
On god you a cancer, tell me how is that sh*t in your toolkit
That's toxic Dizaster, how you get mad when they don't cheer no bullsh*t
That ain't crippin'
So f**k that dude, you claim MAGA, ain't the mind a terrible thing to waste?
sh*t, things happen, if it's f**k black lives than I'mma show you your brain matter in straight splatters
MAGA man don't stand a chance with the taliban
Chrome Eagle, we can both show people our platinum plan
f**king maggot, you been robbing the people and we f**kin' had it
And it's f**kin' tragic, small business is dying, the game's tough
So when Dizaster killed the Family Man, I blame Trump
On god, how anybody like this b*t*h is amazing, I got bars
It looked like Trump threw the kids in them cages
Build the what? Man, I should headshot him for assault
Like the Persian from 300, get a body for a wall

[Round 3: Saynt LA]
So this is what a god-tier battle should feel like
Money well-spent, I win, the collective gets build right
Shoutout to WTG, they put me on cause my punches is real nice
Shoutout to Death Certificate, they put me on cause my punches hit in real life
So you can't question me, you ain't gon win but you get the best of me
He said to Geechi won't concede if things don't go as expected
He's gon losing then start tweeting about a stolen election
But the people already know he's a legend, what's not clear?
Why complain about a stolen election? That's how you got here
So I suggest you keep your rap in this ring or I can fight you
You'll lose your teeth, leave 2 out of 32, just like the finals
Yes, every punch at your neck, f**k around and get paralized, like Sean Connery
Cause if I'mma swing I'mma go Barry Bonds
I'm causing pain while I'm having some fun, it's all a game
He threw a punch, I seen it first and ducked, I'm in the hall of fame
Like a good barber, cause to me it ain't sh*t for a quick fade
Plus, I got reach so I create space, like the Big Bang
And you describe the hood to the whites like you been thuggin' for life
You just hang in biology just to study the life
Cause you try to be black, that's why he and Travis have trust issues
Cause you wouldn't so "proud to be back" if SMAC f**ked with you
You said "f**k King of the Dot" and you moutherf**kin' lied
But their work because the league almost motherf**kin' died
But "there's not growth without destruction" and that's a fundamental line
Cause disaster and organic need each other to survive
See, you could tap in the hood, but you ain't hot in the streets
You don't rap with us, probably, don't even know the squad has a league, West Coast Elites
Haven't heard a bar from you in the slightest
While Geechi seem like the white man how he's fuelin' the riot, that's how you supposed to do it
Over the hood you hold no influence, you just take from our culture
He do nothing to [?], just like the liquor stores who always harassin' the black students
Another Arab gettin' paid off the hood but ain't givin' back to it
This ain't your home, so I guess that's something I understand
f**k the ghetto, you do it all for the motherland
Just like the nail shops and beauty supply where is there to buy
It would seem to me the Koreans ain't the only parasites, let me clarify
I'm from the hood, this dude here rap for the weirdos
So this sh*t you claim you did for the West, it isn't worthy
The real LA dudes won't buy it, like Clipper jerseys
Yeah, so you can be the best of all time
In that world, faceshot, you'll be a dead boat like the Black Pearl
If we even think we see him pull up then we clappin' something
My dogs bark and birds flyin' at any whiff of Dizaster comin'
Shoutout to [?], they ain't just rapping and I like your style
They ultraviolet cause they still purple when the lights go out
So don't even try to deny it, just admit that's fire
You should paint your body blue cause you a big fat liar

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