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"He Say She Say"

[Verse 1]
And you would always say wait till I'm the unsigned hype
The best ten freshman, the new star
Trekking with the next gen
The next gem the next big thing on planet rock
Get the guap, prosper and live long
When you're Kirk girls wanna cling on
Wanna get beamed up, wanna put some bling on
Same old song except they sing wrong
Baby if you liked it then you should have put your blackberry ring on
Now he's outer space but she's not out of mind
Deanna Troi sends her eons out of time
He paints the wrong picture, she's drawn out of line
Says she's gone and he says that she left without a sign
He says "Whatever, I'm better without a dime"
He tells her "Good thing that I pegged you around the nine"
She laughs and says he's never clever without a rhyme
"We're both out of love", they say out of pride

Then I wanted to do a verse about how they worked it out but...[x2]

[Verse 2]
She says "It's different for a girl turning 30"
He says "Is that a crack about me not maturing?
Cuz I'm just deferring the term, I'll be back in the spring
I'm just waiting for my break, got the cast in a sling"
He says "The queen is the back of her king"
But she's mad at her lack of a ring
She says "It better get bought
Quit playing games, you getting an ex off that Xbox
I love you boy but I need a man Peter Pan
Syndrome, ain't even been home to meet the fam
You could barely feed the plants, you can hardly cook a bowl of cereal
It's not cute in the evening eating these Cheerios"
He says "Oh here we go", she says "But hear me though
Baby I don't care that you're lyrical
And why you always talking bout Star Wars? Whatever, Star Trek
I ain't even mad you ain't a star yet"


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