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"Love Means"

[Verse 1: Eternia]
Check it, I was thinking bout you
But I chose to write to God instead, met on the page and broke bread
Sometimes my heart it is leaden, memories I thought I let forget
Overestimated power of regret I guess
I planted seeds and watered in the darkness
I let a tree blossom in the bottom recesses
And yet I often wonder how I got into this mess
Instead of one love it's two lives conflict
Interested parties catch eyes, cats lie fast
Pick your poison like a blood anointing over sins past
It can happen when yesterday collides with the present
Like scratch that I'm not past that, I'm confessing
I can pass that class, I'd rather not if you're the lesson
I would take that punishment, risk losing my blessing
Going crazy over something maybe not be in the essence
What it seems to me, it seems to me polyamory beckons
And I get it, I get why you could love her and me
Love never claimed exclusivity it is free
And neither clarity, I wrote this for God to see
But he knew I was gonna do what I did before me
And I don't regret a thing, perfect symmetry
Felt like the way the king intended us to be
So there's no apologies, no rewinding
I would do it all again to show 'em what love means

[Hook x2]
{Love means}
Some things we're too in to figure out
{Love means}
I'm just trynna be fine without knowing it all
{Love means}
This puzzle with pieces of
{Love means}
Like a glimpse of that right place we fit in

[Verse 2: Shad]
I told me that I
Like to write when it's late and I'm sleep deprived
That's when I'm more inclined to joke and just speak my mind
As far as what love means well I can read a line
From the dictionary, but I think I need to redefine
I need to live it to know it
That means I gotta give it and let it be given back to grow it
I gotta sow it to get it, like really get it, I gotta show it
Not just talk about it like a lot of poets
A.K.A. moi, you see my day job's
Talking this romantic philosophic, je ne sais quoi
And as a lyricist, in my experience
Love's kind of bugged cause my fears and embarrassments
This music's who I always had to share it with
It's like a man that's in love with his therapist
And the affair is a lie but I'm scared
Cause to truly care and be cared for bares a risk
I wake up and I ask God for help
Then go online if my last song was felt
I forget about the pain, I'm gassed on myself
And the goblins in the closet go back on the shelf
Tryna figure what love means

[Hook x2]

[Bridge: various samples]
Understanding, being fully understood, wonderful, pain, keeping no record of wrong, lies, purity, having no fear, all you need, my satisfaction is meeting your needs, loyalty, true freedom, mine, trust, yours, ours, satisfaction, true freedom, praying for your enemies, a safe space to make mistakes

[Verse 3: Shad]
Love means, check it out yeah
Love always has hope for another day
Love is grace, love is patient, even when it doesn't wanna stay
It doesn't run away, like "andale", it perseveres and suffers pain
And doesn't suffocate though it holds tight, and it doesn't change
Though some would say that love is vain
And it's just a game for the young ones on lovers lane
Or just the chemistry of the brain
Just science, you know something sane
But you know that love is strange and wild and heartbreaking and unexplained
Love is dangerous as a dark street, tuck your chain
Our world's going up in flames
Still love isn't violent, that said it's nothing safe
Cuz it means standing up to hate
So love is costly but love can save and I'm of the faith
But "love your neighbor" isn't a Christian or Muslim phrase
No one owns it as some brothers claim
From the pulpit or from the stage and in the coming age
I hope we'll see it as gay, straight and colorless
Sometimes we all feel motherless above the grave
But it's in death and new life when love is made
It's when you're unashamed and finally unafraid
When you confront the pain
Face death and you'll see in the end only love remains

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