Intro: Lost
Yeah (x3)

Let's go

[Verse 1: Shad]
Warmest wishes to those that chose to visit the show
Frigid flow: my tongue might stick to a pole
What I'm spitting is cold, Michigan snow
Listen though I don't put on airs, I'm conditioned to blow
I'm a star, my sis called me that
Back before my posse rapped
That's when the older homies told me "Just don't be a copycat"
Ok, copy that, handed the walkie talkie back
This is real pride in my eyes, it’s not a cocky act
Look at us struggling and look how those at the top react
Not saying they're Nazis, I'm just saying how can they not see that?
It's still a white world, they don't even want that coffee black
No prime time, they don't even want that Cosby black?
Man, a lot of cats wanna see the best watch
Well if you want to see the best, watch
This is like Redd Fox mixed with a TED talk
Mixtape icon sitting on your desktop

[Verse 2: Shad]
I'm still telling my people to let that light shine
I never thought on the day I started to write rhymes
That I might climb and now it’s like I
Just may be Jay Z in my lifetime
Cuz oooooh, look at how I'm killing these tracks
I'm a vet but not the type of vet that’s feeling these cats
Where the real Emcees at? I'm dying I need to hear someone as ill as me, stat
Mmhmm, Shadrach on racks putting these raps on wax
I don't usually go this fast on tracks but I’m zoning you know it when I laugh and my hat's on back
I don't rap for not fat contracts, till the day that I pass on
I deliver every jawn like my last song, last class with a graduation cap on
[Break: Lisa Lobsinger]
I searched so far for you
I work so hard, find me

[Verse 3: Ian Kamau]
I take a gasp of air like I can't breathe
I want to sit beside her like I can't leave
I open up my eyes like I can't see
I just want to climb trees so I plant seeds
I walk forever looking for a place to sit
Feels like I'm just beginning though they're wishing I would quit
I'm trying to find my spirit while they're trying to find a hit
Been to the motherland now I search for the mother ship
I walk miles in shoes worn as torn paper eyes wide in the eye of the storm
I found peace in a mirror, that's me, I died as I tried to conform
I've been squinting, it's so bright but light is reflected inside of my skin
I've been searching outside for an answer like I couldn't find it within

[Break: Lisa Lobsinger]

[Verse 4: Shad]
This life is a hell steps from heaven
Fear is a jail I’m in a cell next to legends
Ask Kheaven what his view through these bars looks like
If you still think there's wrongs that these songs could write
[Verse 5: k-os]
Yo, throwing 'em bows
Blazing these rappers dressed up in their fancy clothes
Everyone knows your reign is over cuz you chose
Material riches over the rap essentials
Ontario provincial it's not a minstrel show
Poet Allen Ginsberg flow really with nah know
Biddy bi bam bo rappers be shucking and jiving like Bojangles
Lyrically Van Gogh, I tango then eat a mango that fell
On a galvanized roof in Trinidad when I was a youth just coming up
Rappers be dumbing down, Kheaven be dumbing up
We living, what? We living on a prayer in the air, it's the Elohim
Shadrach, Kamau, we in to blast the scene
That's why we mould them, just like I told them
We leaving mics frozen cuz we are the chosen