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"Where I'm At Now"

[Verse 1]
Check it, yo
I don't write much unless I'm depressed in a desk job
Or getting stressed by some next broad
And while currently I don't work
Just part time but I'm one enjoying unemployment
It's got its own perks
Plus I'm not dealing with no skirts
Back on my home turf
Living with my pops and my old earth
Getting my mind and some debt from my wallet cleared
And chilling out with some solid peers
I got more time for rhyming and to volunteer
Just some stuff that I didn't do as much in my college years
And seeing my cousin recover in the hospital
Well that's been teaching me that nothing is impossible
With God's help we can overcome the obstacles
It's motivating me in my music to be responsible
Though life was cool as a battle rapping class clown
I kinda dig where I'm at now

[Hook 2x]
Keep your hearts warm
In these dark storms
This art form's
For those that can't stand on their own
We march for 'em
And raise a fist up and never back down
Yo, that's where I'm at now

[Verse 2]
Look, I'm not most likely to blow the spot
I self-deprecate more than I boast, and I boast a lot
Still I'm getting to perform tunes
On big stages and I'm on kids' playlists in dorm rooms
Right now I'm working on a tasteful toast
For my best friend's wedding with no unsettling racial jokes
Though it's all my squad says I got their favorite flow
I'm grateful for anybody that's told me I was made to blow
Cause I'm guessing that these labels won't
They seem to wanna see the hotness
Forgotten and fade to smoke
Right now my style is somewhere between a playful quote
And the words of a lost child trying to pray for hope
My coffee table soaked in juice and my cable's broke
It's kinda good though, I can't watch my favorite shows
Right now to me being brave is dope
'cause we don't need more rappers
Just some plain old courageous folks

[Hook 2x]

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