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"Koko B Ware"

Can I kick it? Watch the scenario and recognize
That I always find a way homie, check the rhime
Oh my God, once again you connect the lines and
Start bugging out how I'm sounding like a "Best of Tribe" record
See them bars? Kinda like them Stepford wives
Perfect on the surface, more crazy when you get inside
I'm always on point tip, I'm the appointed
Under .08, so respect the drive
Don't breathalyze, it's pointless, police
I'm already on the beat so step aside
Let it ride, all my words highly weaponized
I'm like a wrecking ball, less naked thighs

Not that I wouldn't look fabulous
I'm not about bashing chicks or giving fashion tips
But does she always have to be flashing us?
I keep seeing them twins and this ain't even Minneapolis!

I wrote that and a girl spat on my notepad
Cute chick looked like she go to OCAD
Young face I was hoping she was post-grad
Said, "You seen a Claire Huxtable?" She said, "Oh Shad...
Speaking of Cosby's you could probably be my ghost dad..."
Ha! Deaded it, toe tag
Dropped that line then rolled out with a coach bag
I saw her later at the show though - swag
No lab, I lace tracks in the emporium
Too advanced with it; going forward and back in a Delorean
Black historian international baccalaureate raps
Fans respond with euphorious claps, frenzy

I'm on cobblestone streets in a ten-speed
With mans in France eating croissants in a benzy
If this was last century, I'd be Jack Dempsey
Matter fact he would be my mentee: act friendly

In full force, MDs torch MCs, get the pen squeezed
My magical clip never empties
Dentine fresh and K.P. & Envyi on my
Northwest Shawn Kemp Detlef Schrempf steez
Gorilla, raised on strictly Dilla and Thriller
In Britain chill strictly with Prince Phillip and Camilla
Call Skrillex to get your skrill up, in the fourth of Miller's Billups
Worthy of Bird and Reggie Miller

That OG started in 03 like The OC
My opus was The Old Prince call it OP
And then TSOL man I OD
Then Flying Colors forced the game in the OT
From the land of OVO, Nash, and OB
Unceded Coast Salish and Musqueam zone, see
This is where I've been killing em spilling OE
Y'all know me, still dope as a OZ
Bodying beats I'm trying to see my people Cosby-ing
Coffee shops and Whole Foods full of Somalians
Copping new homes on their way to do pilates and
Partying with Bob Marley and Oochie Wally and
A whole nother zone of y'all know the protocol
You don't go with a pro unless you so involved
This is vintage Lithuanian, Sabonis' ball
This is "Poet Paul Pierce", this is "Flow Gasol"
"Princeton Offense Pen Game Know-It-All"
You're just a Tim Donaghy ref that's blowing calls
Koko B. Ware's in the ring, parrots on her arm
Try not to stare at the King

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