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"The Revolution/The Establishment"

Revolution, yeah

[Verse 1]
They make wars, create wars
They have lots and they take more
From the have-nots, they'll take yours
They make borders, they hate foreigners
They hate life, they take life
They take rights and they ain't right
But they don't play and don't play fight
Then they play dumb, I can't play nice
When they eat cake and we stay poor
See they snakes, we hate war
We hate war, they hate peace
So we make war that'll make peace
That's the great war we were made for
We were not made to just lay dormant
They stay on top, they pay the cops
They take office, they make laws
And then say stop
They say war just makes war but then take forces
With state forces, on our own force
And they say that they're brave warriors and saviors
But they're fake prophets
They make war 'cause they profit
They make rockets on all sides
Then are online as they pop
Watch 'em masters of war
These fat cats cash in tax free on the backs of the poor masses
Different mats with a mask of decorum
We warned 'em now we're stormin' the castle
It's warranted for the horrors they enact
They'll pay for it
We paid more than our fair share and it ain't fair
And we take theirs 'cause they took yours
They made the war, they wage war, create war
We hate war, we hate war
They hate peace
So we make war that'll make peace
That's the great war we were made for
We were not made to just lay dormant
They invade shores
They raid homes
They rain bombs
Then the rain pours
They make war

[Verse 2]
We don't make war
We make sure that there's order
We just follow orders
We just fill orders for more
Ballistics, munitions, equipment for missions, provisions
We just design defense systems and ship them on time
My job is complying with city bylaws
And minimizing innocent lives lost
From my bosses both at home and abroad
For instance drones with a bomb
Can resolve conflicts all while
Limiting high cost so why not? (Why not?)
All businesses strive to expand
Wars just provide us a chance to supply a demand
Our stance is we make instruments
We don't create incidents or instigate
We're innocent
You're insolent
We don't make war
We all make our decisions
We all gotta make a livin' and you make yours
And our position is we don't make war
We may create conditions conducive
Create divisions, but prove it
We make rules but we don't make war
We don't endorse or advocate using force
In fact our lawyers make sure technically
We don't make war
They place orders we fill 'em
They break borders we kill 'em
We're not villains
They're not civilians
We don't make war
It existed before
And why would I or anybody try to make more
For shame
We're not to blame
For the slain, the flames
The poor, the games
The gains, we all have to deal
We make deals but we don't make war
We're real, we're realistic
No feels, we talk statistics
Specifics we're not mystics
You should pray more
We're religious
We're not malicious or vicious
We're not sadistic
Yo listen, don't get it twisted
Of course we don't make war
We don't make war

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