They steal
Then they take your memory of the theft
This show will literally take your breath
Joker in the deck
The Devil and his magic
(Devil and his magic)
The Devil and his magic
(Devil and his magic)

[Verse 1]
See it's kinda like magic, huh
They cause a distraction then poof
All that we have disappears and we clap
Then forget that it happened
Forgot that we lost it
Forgot that the magic men have it
They grabbed it, they stole it, they cause a distraction
Distraction, distraction, (Why?) it's all a distraction
Imagine, like magic
Gone is our land, our language, our history
Ancestry, families vanish like it was magic
Gone is our greatness, our sacred places
And practices, suddenly we feel vacant
We saw them take it though
Our hands lift from the earth
The dirt, from the food removed, rezoned, reduced, reduced to-
Disappeared, it's all smoke and mirrors

All of it's magic
The Devil and his magic
All of it's magic
The Devil and his magic

[Verse 2]
Distraction, distraction
The way that they take
The way of magicians is in addition to subtraction
They used to vision, they mastered the craft of it
Listen, see through the illusions
And all the amusements
They divide humans up causing confusion
They use competition, religion
It's all just division, man
All of it's magic (All of it's magic)
Splitting us into factions
Fighting until we're fractured
Smaller and smaller fractions
People feeling like zero
Individuals divisible to the point we're invisible
Gone into ghettos and armies and prisons
We won't be missed, they easily dismiss us
They dissolve if you give them munitions
And the rest they condition and kill by attrition

All of it's magic
The Devil and his magic
All of it's magic
The Devil and his magic

[Bridge: Lido Pimienta]
All of it's magic (La, la, la, la, la, la, la)
All of it's magic
All of it's magic
All of it, all of it's magic, magic, magic

[Verse 3]
See them make up stats that make us scrap for the scraps
They have all of it, all of it
All of it's magic
Grabbing at hat tricks, they're practicing, crafty
The fastest, you had it and then suddenly
Gone is your work, your purpose, your worth
The reason you wake, your sense of seizing your stake in it
Your traditions and intuitions
Supports, commitments, decisions
They vanish from your hands like
Your volition, your voice, your vision, your choice
Your joys, you miss your mission, attention gone
To fast cars and fast fashion
Fast food and no fasting
All distractions
The light blinds and the fear blinds
And the cash binds and just gotta keep them confined until
Reality's so hard to look at
That we turn a blind eye
Don't even care that they took it
The Devil and his magic
The Devil and his magic
The Devil and his magic