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"MGD (Draft Day Dub)"

You know I had to do it for you
You know I had to *laughs*
Watch out
Uh, look out!

Draft day, Shad K
All Star like DeMar when my Raps play
Draft day
Shad with the play call
Kenny and Charles on the mic yo let's play ball

[Verse 1]
I already said enough with the sports
The polo matches, that's not discussing horses
This is nothing important bro it's just your boy Shaaad
Always dope now he's blowing up, 'roid rage
All my lawyers like "oy vey", no racist
Just he is a problem complicated creative like DONDA made it
That Rwanda native is on your automated Songza playlist, uh
Your momma's favourite scout say he dominatin'
My adult contemporaries Bonnie Raitted long awaited
Stayed in school, complicated now I'm standing on the stage and it's like

[Bridge/Hook 2]
Draft day, Shad K
Up the tempo, he get down on a fast break
Or slow it down still in my zone with the trap, eh
Study that tape, what the stats say?
You know I had to..

[Verse 2]
Draft day, Who you pickin'?
Ya'll know I finished school but aye, do you Wiggins
If Coach K is getting millions then shoot
Then the recruits should be getting millions to hoop
You know that's generating billions for Duke right?
Too bad I'm still in the booth
I'd be in courtrooms appealing, getting deals for the youth
The game is crazy! Coach if you want me to play, pay me
I can take free classes when I'm 80 dawg, why I gotta do it for you?
Ed O'Bannon man, you know I had to do it for you
C. Webb, yo you knew it!

Awe man
Awe maaaan

[Verse 3]
He had to go get political. Can't he just leave it?
Just do it for the check instead he Chuck D'd it
But it's much needed
At least a kid went and followed where his gut leads him
To me, that's succeeding
Spring time I got a spring in my stroll
I sprang up like shoes with a spring in the sole
I had the crowd going Springer even just as a beginner
Rappin' I had 'em engaged, get it? Wrapped around my finger
No ring but man I came out rappin and I'm still out rappin'
Most rappers out I will outlast 'em
Bringin' skills like Wiggins in the Fieldhouse
Catch him when frame fills out for real now


You know I had to do it for you
You know I had to do it for you

"Three rounds. We made the second, we're gonna be in the first and if they pass it, that will be college level. Get it through your skull!"

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