Everybody Breaks a Glass
[Verse 1: Lights]
It's not a solid, not a soft thing
To pull the wool up like a smoke screen
Nobody does it like a prophet
It's gone before you know you lost it
There are reasons you keep your hands tied
There's certain things you shouldn't have tried
So, if you gotta tell me something
You better go from the beginning

[Chorus 1: Lights]
We all forget to sleep, and crash at someone’s feet
Everybody skips a beat
We let the chances pass, the few we held so fast
Everybody breaks a glass

[Verse 2: Lights]
And here, I'm standing in the middle
Not just a little, but a hill full
Wondering how I got a head cold
Wishing I didn't know what I know
It's never been about the money
We're worthy, or we are not worthy
However much you've got on your plate
You're as good as you reciprocate
[Chorus 2: Lights]
We all pretend to keep our tongue out of our cheek
Everyone's the fool they seek
We all go off the track, and feel for our way back
Everybody breaks a glass
Everybody breaks a glass

[Verse 3: Shad]
Yeah, Shook
Scared to look at peers when they peer back
It's weird how we fear that, it's weird how we wear masks
It appears that we fear our own tears more than tear gas
My team's struggling in years past
Looking to draft beer to bring cheers back
But then the drinking game's finished
No Guinness, just a clear glass
Seeing our real image mirrored back
The places that we go to cope, it's so strange
When we're older folks, it don't change
Trying to hang, we don't know the ropes
When we fall, we got more than our shoulders broke
It's no game, it's why we overdose on cocaine
Get our brains comatose, there's no blame
If you've ever know shame, known pain
Known days when it really don't feel okay
[Chorus 3: Lights]
Somewhere perfection lies, but not for you and I
Everybody trips sometimes
When cities fall like shacks, walls eventually crack
Everybody breaks a glass