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[Verse 1 - Shad]
I'm not Mr.Showtime, LA. More northern
So to Portland I trail blaze. Getting out these bars
Jailbreak. Rhymes are kind of like that railway to freedom
Cause Canada is still where the underground leads 'em
Whoah. That's a lot off the top, dog. Stop, dog
Lost cause. I'm not Nas and I'm not [???]
I'm not Def, so do not front like I'm not [???]
There's not a rapper that I fear, and frankly
I'm that artist that y'all can't see. Call me Banksy
I'm a Hulk. I'm a damn beast. I'm a comic by Stan Lee
You're a comic, like "RAAAAANDY"
Look, I'm talking clear. You're not. You're just talking fierce
But not like Waka-fierce. More like Sasha Fierce
Now that I got your ears, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Shad
Those who don't quote me all day I'm [???]
[???] I don't brag, so why would I boast when I pose the dopiest flow
[What the literal f*ck...???]

[Verse 2 - Shad]
Look I'm still building. No hit songs; no [???]
It's back in the day; no feel specter, but I still killin'

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