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"Give You All I Can"

Just an ordinary, simple kind of man
That's thankful for your love
And I'll give you all I can
Oh baby
And I'll give you all I can
Oh baby
And I'll give you all I can
Oh baby
And I'll stay

[Verse One]:
And it Feels So Good, damn it I miss Ma$e
Always thought Natalie Portman would have my mixed race
Kid now she preggo I'll never know how those lips taste
Probably better than a barbeque rib cage
Been risqué as Rick James since the sixth grade
Learned to kill curatorial art of the mixtape
From dubbin' on cassettes I'd construct for a crush
Just before Christmas break, make a black boy blush
The players made sure the fat boys hush
Before the locker room talk turned to tabloid stuff
Had to dust off the pencil and throw a note in an overcoat
Best prose I ever wrote, man I had to
Come up with some clever jokes and be that dude
And make her laugh on the phone late past two
I didn't quite get her but I'm better for trying to sweat her
I got the skill with the pen from trying to impress her with those letters

And I'll give you all I can
Oh baby
(I ain't sayin' I'm the man, understand I just...)
Give you all I can
Oh baby
(Yeah, with God and my fans, understand I...)
Give you all I can
Oh baby
[It's life and we can't get enough of it]

[Verse Two]:
And Shad's through grad school, passed cooler than the breeze
But check the thermostat, it ain't cool to have degrees
That's why I burn the track till it's an urn of ash
Then sell the urn so it speaks how I earn my cash
On stage trying to perform less and play more
When I record, trying to speak less and say more
Said it before but that's still all I pray for
To be at peace, though I'm out here to wage war
Put the metaphor and ball the slang and what you called a game
I ain't Hall Of Fame
But I'm ? this is all my lane
You're little ? raps are to small to hang
Listen name Nate Robinson, my hooks ain't Nate Dogg
They just little pauses so y'all can change your drawers again
It's me baby
Only down by three baby
One more make and we goin' to OT baby


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