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"Stand Da f*ck Up"

It's time to get familiar ("get familiar")
La Familia n*gga, get familiar
Motherf*cker get familiar
(Cli-Cli-Clinton Sparks)
Clinton Sparks!

[Hook: CNN]
I see you lookin like you sizin me up
System on blast when I'm drivin my truck
Hatin on me when I'm up in the club
If you really want a problem with me playa - STAND DA f*ck UP!
Money cars and clothes, homey I seen that
You better off in the club doin the "Lean Back"
Before your whole f*ckin wig get clean back
So don't f*ck with me playa I mean that!

Pull out the four-fifth, grippin on n*ggas
(Why's that?) Wet n*ggas like I'm spittin on n*ggas
(Whatever!) c*ck guns straight flippin on n*ggas
See me flowin in that Maybach, skippin on n*ggas

Uh, uh uh, uh, yeah
We still sell coke wet on the corner
(What you say?) You better show some respect on my corner
(I heard that) You could even meet death on my corner (what else)
Cause we do it like do it, we thuggin it rap performers

Uh, and you can even get, caught on your steps
You could leave out the club and have your last breath

You could get shot at the light, while you makin a left
Or you could get shot out your Nikes when I put you in check

See homes I'm in that Caddy cat, smokin that Manny Stacks
Got twin Glocks that's a match like Penny Pat

I got a gun with 21 like blackjack
Fold that, light that, puff puff, pass that


[N] I'm in them Lefrak parks, pourin that Clinton Sparks
[C] Out in these QB streets, my n*ggas listen hard
[N] My n*gga Six in the prison, you know you missin God
[C] I grab my AVR, light up for Wally Clark
[N] I'm in the Echo park, guns out, the echo bark
[C] Go 'head and get familiar, the sound'll take ya heart
[N] You see this La Familia, we got her duckin off
[C] We got the things and the lead to tear the club apart
[N] You see we all here, still bangin record here
[C] If you wanna run a trizzy on us
[N] Bring the b*tches all here
[C] We killin this game, bangin them hit song yeah
[N] You know [C] You know
[N] Dem b*tches [C] Dem b*tches
[N] Don't f*ck wit 'em like dey snitches
[C] I, get low [N] Get low
[C] Pop biscuits [N] Pop biscuits
[C] My n*gga speed off in oh-sixes
[N] See us in the news, poppin in H2's


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