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"All We Got Is Us"

[Noreaga talking]
Ya hot with this one dog!
Show these n*ggas what I'm like
Show these n*ggas I don't like
Show these n*ggas what I'm like
Show these n*ggas I don't like
Show these n*ggas what I'm like
Show these n*ggas I don't like
Show these n*ggas what I'm like
Show these n*ggas I don't like
Show these n*ggas what I'm like
Show these n*ggas I don't like

Yo, yo, yo, yo
I'm like Rich Porter, the epitome of Alpo
AZ and Nicky Barnes, I rock sticky thumbs
I chopped it, and I cooked till my hands got numb
Shotguns malt-liquor and ones
I used to pay homage and wanted to play to be a fat cat
Someone like Castro, mad cash flow
Me and 'Pone like the best in the business
n*ggas show love, hoes show interest
My gun game - got my pops to blame
I used to hop over fences and buck in the rain
And I'm not that n*gga that'll f*ck ya dame
I'm true to my n*ggas, hop out the car
Hand on my mac, c*ck back, ready to clap
Up in Iraq, see my n*ggas hustlin' crack
The same scheme from Queens when you livin' your dreams
You gotta sell things if you're looking for fiends

I got love for n*ggas
n*ggas always snaky
I got love for hoes
Hoes always snaky
I got love for cliqua
Clique alwas snaky
All we got is us
All we got is us

I know crips, yo crips even be in Iraq
I know young bloods and n*ggas like O.G. Mack
I dropped out in seventh grade and I knew I'd be straight
I went O.T. and then I copped bricks for eight
I cut black b*tches off for at least three weeks
I had Spanish hoes spittin nuts on the seats
I see Jesus in my kids but it's silly to me
How I see Him in them, don't see Him in me

I blanks out, my n*gga knight just hit the bricks
I'm not a rapper, I sell alot of crack but spit
n*ggas that I'm cool with, I only keep a n*gga hot
Say I'm on some new sh*t, then I c*ck the pop
The other side of the game, doin' fifty y'all
I survived behind the wall and the feds for y'all
Similar to "Hurricane," harassed half my life
I got a right to flash my ice, crash the Vipe


When everything goes sour, I got my dog
I squeezed off went through the pound and locked my doors
I'm not scared of your guns, I got shot before
n*ggas' jewels got little rocks like Arkansas
I'm the, prophet of B.I.G., but never the next
I'm the first in every verse spit sh*t get worse
You can hate me, or wish I'd lie in a hearse
Respect my game, who the best? Select my name
I salute n*ggas in jail, I'm big as Latrell
On the street, you need heat? Ask Dominican Will
My cliqua's off the meter, we come gunnin' bullets
Whistle past your ear, like police in London
We the best that ever did it, the rest never lived it
Gettin' bucked at a bing-time, stressed on a visit
I'm Y2K in a flesh, the future at it's best
Nevertheless I pop metal to death


[Noreaga giving shout outs]
Yeah! Dedicated to Rich Porter little brother
Who died in the struggle and never got recognized for it!
Dedicated to n*ggas like Phat Cap and Perry Mason!
You know....
You know how them n*ggas do! Tash and corn bread supreme!
You know, E Money-Bags, Cameron Y.!
n*ggas that were gettin' money! That I was growin' up
Tryin' to be like!
Ya smell me? Word up to all them gangster n*ggas!
All them gangster n*ggas, man!
All them gang bangin' n*ggas in L.A!
All them n*ggas in Little Rock, Arkansas!
Bang Bang, n*gga! It's nothin'!
I see y'all n*ggas, I feel your struggle!
I went through it the same way!
I'm still goin' through it the same way!
I'm just a rapper now!
People think I'm legit! But I do my sh*t!
I still gotta hustle, I still gotta have bricks!
But you know...
Let's feed the kids, man! Yeah, let's feed the kids, man!
Let's do this sh*t for the kids, man!
I got a call right now (cell phone rings)!
I'm a answer my call! But I'm a just say it like this:
I do this for the gangstas, man! For the gangstas, man!

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