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"Y'all Don't Wanna"

Why they don't get a n*gga like me
To sing the national anthem or nuttin?
{*laughs*} It's nothin!

Nokio! (Flame, Nokio)
CNN, the best group that ever lived
Best blowin f*ckin group that ever lived in rap
Hundred percent real stories, we speak truth
Yo, tell 'em how your life is son
How your life is yo?

My life is nothing like a sitcom, you see I sip Dom
I rock Jor-dan's, and can't stand Pip-pen's
Bases loaded, coach want me to bunt
But I'mma go for the homer and c*ck the pump
I was the kid in the hood your moms ain't want you with
Now I'm rich, tell your moms one-two click
Since a young one, I love heaven and love hell
Escobar style, I'll build my own jail
The America's, 'merica's, favorite thug
To sell cocaine, America's, favorite drugs
Me and 'Pone like the military, we train n*ggas
And the hoes don't f*ck, they just brain n*ggas
CNN, focus on us, we coco-nuts
We throw our gang signs up, see them loc with us
Set up a congregation, so I can orally speak
I orally, have sex cause my aura(?) is deep, it go

[Hook: Capone-N-Noreaga]
{Pone} Y'all don't wanna f*ck with us
CNN out for them pesos
Y'all don't wanna bust with us
n*ggas better move when we say so
{Nore} What's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN ain't real?!
{Nore} What's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN is wack?!
{Nore} What's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN won't kill?!
{Nore} Now what's this I hear?
{Pone} CNN ain't back?!

Yo, I give you every part of my life, from my paralyzed finger
To the foul death of my moms, the slug and the length of my arm
I'm "The Answer" like Allen I
Who runs sick like cancer on the Island, I
I'm the first that ever loc'ed on a Nok' track
CNN back, like #5 Jordan's purple and black
We spazzed on purpose, f*ck tryin to sit in a cat'
I erase drama and talk, memories in my rap
It's kinda hard to rap on radio while I sit in the box
All I could think was money, send a few flicks to my pops
I give the street life my all, stripes and scars
Nights was hard, felt I had a right to rob
Now I spit righteous bars, f*ck livin like the stars
Give me a hood crib and a Chrysler Dodge
Cause I'm just like y'all, my kicks scuff like y'all
I still get harassed and searched up like y'all


Yo, imagine us cowards
You still live with mommy, still get allowance
I chase Henny, bubblin ounces
I returned off a short stretch, stuck in the mountains
What's this I hear huh? This is my year
'Pone sh*t kosher you think not? I give you my ear
Now listen closer I was born, and I'mma die here
Listen soldier, I rap and keep one in the holster
n*gga you front, and I'mma pop one in your shoulder

Yo raise the partition, c*ck guns with ammunition
Knock you out position, and have your little ho missin
n*ggas get locked up, I spread my love
Yo they leave God-Body but they come home Blood
Balloon bags full of weed, yo I send you those
And it's all about my n*ggas, won't mention hoes
Keep it tight on all four corners, warrant search
Po'-po' and C.O.'s they all get merked, it go

[Hook] - repeat 2X

Yeah, it's like this
Collaboration, CNN gangsta sh*t
With my n*gga Nokio on the beats
On the boards, f*ckin sh*t up y'all, yeah
He on the boards, f*ckin sh*t up y'all
Huh, a hit record, got a hit record, written all over the track
Aiyyo it got a hit record all over the track
Yeah hit record, written all over the track..

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