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"Bleeding From the Mouth"

Trackmasters n*gga

I been through, runnin' from cops, eatin' beef on the corner
Been through cold cells, thug in the bench, the rap performer
I been put the Mack upon ya, look faggot
Turn around to shshshsh, to shoot faggots
I been a star since Pat Benetar
CNN, Lox the type of sh*t that have you fleein' a rock
I been put the key in a lock
Who got a song, hot a Capone
And Nore copped the Benz, first day home
I been beatin' n*ggas up, been spittin' on hoes
Thinkin' they too good for hood n*ggas
Been in my zone
Been the champ since Larry Holmes, Spinks had teeth
And in a forbuilding
Been had 'em reppin' the street
Caught 'em wide over Y.O, first felony
Solo Eightball and MJG
What is you tellin' me

Yo, yo
I got guns, guns
Mad f*ckin' guns, ha
I had them hundreds when you had them little ones, ha
But f*ck that, live n*ggas, In rap
And you can catch me with a Teletubbie
Holdin' my gat
Yo, I'm a soldier, what
You a soldier, n*gga infact
A wow, n*ggas from suddenly just settin' a trap
I murder you, the n*ggas fiend
Just fiend to attack
You shut the tunnel down twice like militant night
We at the club tonight, Nore yo
Please be nice
I buy the bar out
Crystal, no glass, no ice
I drink it straight from the bottle
And I spit on a ho
Ayyo, you boned that b*tch
Naw I p*ssed on a ho
Melvin Flynt, exclusive new sh*t
Yo, you better tell 'em you heard 'it on this Track

[Chorus: Jadakiss] + (Noreaga)
Yo, yo
You only need a gun and some crack to get you a stack
(L.O.X., CNN, Y.O. to Iraq)
Luxury cars, twenty thous, thugged out the bar
(House on the hill, and my n*ggas blowin' for real)
Store in the hood, my n*ggas go to war and we good
We just thugged out hustlers, tourin' the hood
We the deepest n*ggas out (the streetest n*ggas out)
L.O.X. and CNN will leave you bleedin' from the mouth

I learned at a young age
Not to ride with dummies
That won't die for they man
But 'ell die for money

[Styles Paniro]
And if the L.O.X. get rich
We goin' divide the money
Where we from we stay live
And survivin' hungry

Don't pass me a blunt
But you can pass me a gun

[Styles Paniro]
And you can have that pretty b*tch
Right after I c*m

And you can front and keep your watch
We goin' puncture a lung

[Styles Paniro]
L.O.X. style


[Styles Paniro]
Dump and we run

All our dogs up in the slums

[Styles Paniro]
Humpin' they chums

Holdin' they pits

[Styles Paniro]
Lightin' blunts
Loadin' they sh*t

And n*ggas can't understand
That we married the street
And when we felt like we were cheatin'
We ain't carryin' our heat

[Styles Paniro]
And we don't like holdin' nothing
But we carry a beef
Hopin' ya family stay strong

Then they can carry the grief
You break bread with a thief

[Styles Paniro]
And then you scarry to sleep

And we ain't tryin' to bury you

[Styles Paniro & Jadakiss]
We tryin' to bury a jeep


What, what, what
What, what, what

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