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"Baller Blockin'"

[Lil' Wayne]
They call me the youngest headbuster walkin'
Thugged out in all black, calicole sparklin'
A guerilla till I die bless me when I'm dead
But for the bread I bring ya anybody head
That's how I play it I don't hold back
I tote gats be on the spot were ya sold crack
n*gga feel played then ya f*ckin get blown back
I burn 'em twice with a black rusty old mac
Now BLOCKA n*gga get off me

Get some off that c*cky weed and roll that b*tch up
Won't play with me like I'mma choke that b*tch up
Keep it on the turf I might be killin' to get mine
New prints on the back I make a million in big time
I'll always be a thug until I'm crippled and crazy
I'mma always stay close with Suga Slim, Wayne and Baby
Runnin' with a team off cut-throats and backshots
All day bullsh*ttin neglagince and homicides

[Turk and Noreaga]
Cash Money n*ggas they don't play that sh*t
Thugged Out n*ggas we don't play that sh*t

Yo I rock silk
You see NORE I pop quilts
I'm old school but still in tha game like Scott Billups
Yeah you came short
And plus tha case I faught
I had tha judge and tha DA both my boys
I'm a changed man speak to tha ghost of my pops
I bling bling on stage n*gga gangstas watch
Thugged Out Cash Money f*ck tha cops
Thugged Out Cash Money will take yo watch

Now she what y'all possessed me to do
I squeeze siamese guns
Turn n*ggas vegetables
My life is ghetto
Half of y'all spittin a lie in front of tha judge like 25 nahhh
I'mma turn to tha street cut him near tha corner
Blood in his eyes, yellow tape, cameras and reporters
So many years had me stuck in tha cage
Hate me now wish I was gone so they could buck at my grave


From N-Y to N-O Thugged Out and Cash Money
I'm a thug B how you gonna stop hungry
We eatin' pop bubbley in beef we pop dummies
Run up in hood honey's it's all good sonney
Throw your sets up n*gga
Throw your side up n*gga
Ride or die young n*gga
Get high young n*gga
Stay fly young n*gga
Do what you gotta survive young n*gga

Live we fly down in New Orleans
Get it purpulatin
You smell me keep that fire green circulating
Thugged Out with Cash Money
Thugs we stash your arms
Weeds get blazed from your face till feet
With us all we stay deep got beef we're surroundin
My n*ggas c*ck back Macs from here to some 'the houses
Get rocked or get it on if you bout it
Cause boy you're in the zone
You take routes quick like Roy Jones


[Baby] (Lil Wayne)
I got thru any n*gga project sparkin (sparkin) wodie
4-4 barkin (barkin)
n*gga start walkin (walkin)
Lyrics be spraklin (spraklin)
Wit this Uptown talkin (Bling Bling baby)
You know that's us (n*gga Ching Ching baby)
Cash Money's a must
I got a car from NORE
Let's do this wodie
From yo jet to mines
Let's do this NORE
We could shot it in New York it don't matter lil wodie

[Mannie Fresh]
Lil Daddy I just couldn't wait
Stick these n*gga fo they cake
Stop tha muthaf*ckin hate
Slow it down hold up wait
Thugged nosed 38
Left em sleepin in tha lake
Killed tha n*gga and his date
Cash Money trigga play
n*gga don't you that I'll hit you wit tha ch-choppa
Playa yo I'm really foul
Hit these hoes wit tha wow

Lil Wayne, Turk, BG annd Juvenile   

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