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Kings of Leon

"Cold Day (Interlude)"

The wind touches my neck, it's cold
I remember what a friend once told
Look up to the sky and see clouds
His words on my mind, I almost say it out loud
It's a cold day
No sun in my way
And it feels good

[Verse 1]
Yeah, it’s a cold day
Yeah I know people say
Hot is better
Sunny is good weather
But that's not what I prefer
I like it cold
I like it cloudy
I'd welcome snow
My thoughts go
In such days
I am like all philosophic
Thinking about love
About life
About what will happen to the world
Feeling the cold wind up my nose
And the smell of wood burning on hearths
And I see people wearing scarfs
They feel the cold too
Do you?
I go to my bed
Get a blanket
And just chill
Scratch my ass
Play a little chess
Look to the clouds again and think
About the mysteries of the universe
At myself in the mirror
Don't see the truth I seek get any clearer
Nor the sky
It doesn't matter how long I try
I can only think a lot
But I will certainly not
Find all that I seek
Get to the peak
Of the cold mountains
Where I enjoy my day
My cold day
Think about it Cla-Clay
That's what I say
To whom?
And I'm doomed
To do this just this way
Every time

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