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Toby Keith

"Every Night"

[Verse 1]
Bad love, she took a good shot
Heartaches, she's had a whole lot of tough breaks
And no one could blame her if she holds out
She's a little worried to jump right in
She ain't in a hurry to try again
She's taking time off from love, but

Every night she cries just a little bit less
And she tries a little bit more
She's got every right to wait until her heart has healed
And when she's ready, I'm here and I'm gonna hold her
Inch by inch she gets a little closer to me, every night

[Verse 2]
She's mad that she ever loved him
She's through and she's had enough of him, but it's true
He's gonna take some time getting over
But I don't mind the waiting because I know
She's worth the time it's taking, our love will grow
We're making it day by day and


Every night
She cries just a little, she tries a little bit more
Every night, every night

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