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Toby Keith


[Verse 1]
I was hanging out in Mexico, I had a beachfront bungalow
I know I should have gone home, but I was doing that Caribbean thing
I was listening to a Spanish guitar, drinking margaritas under the stars
With a pretty senorita when the telephone started to ring, guess who

Hello, honey I was just about to
Hello, baby I was getting ready
Hello, I know I should have called sooner, oh, no, no
Hello, if you give me just a minute
Hello, don't you hang up till I'm finished
Hello, you're the only one I've ever, you know

[Verse 2]
Well, there was silence at the end of the line
I thought I'd give her till a quarter of nine
I forgot to call her back and the party was a-rolling at ten
See, I was working on tequila and lime
I guess I never even noticed the time
I was dancing the Iguana when the phone started ringing again
And you know who


Hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello

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