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Toby Keith

"How Do You Like Me Now"

[Verse 1]
I was always the crazy one
I broke into the stadium
And I wrote your number on the 50 yard line
You were always the perfect one
And the valedictorian so
Under your number I wrote "call for a good time"

I only wanted to catch your attention
But you overlooked me somehow
Besides you had too many boyfriends to mention
And I played my guitar too loud

How do you like me now?
How do you like me now
Now that I'm on my way?
Do you still think I'm crazy
Standing here today?
I couldn’t make you love me
But I always dreamed about living in your radio
How do you like me now?

[verse 2]
When I took off to Tennessee
I heard that you made fun of me
Never imagined I'd make it this far
Then you married into money girl
Ain't it a cruel and funny world?
He took your dreams and tore them apart

He never comes home
And you’re always alone
And your kids hear you crying down the hall
Alarm clock starts ringing
Who could that be singing
Its me baby, with your wakeup call!


Tell me baby
I will preach on

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